January 05, 2014

Goodbye Old Friend, Hello New Friend....!

Happy New Year friends! Hope you all had a wonderful and restful holidays and are starting the year straightaway envisioning and projecting for a successful year.  One of the things I like about a new year is that it offers an opportunity for a fresh start. I think from the very first few days of the year we can review the past and start to make concrete plans to reset and work towards achieving all we aspire for the year. In reviewing my old friend 2013, I would say thank you Lord! for all the blessings and lessons. 2013 was a wonderful and eventful year, this was the year I started blogging actively, and sharing a bit of my business on the blog even though the blog had been in existence since mid 2011. Its been a fun, interesting, and challenging experience trying to manage a family, a business and a blog all at the same time and finding a balance between all three. However, I would not change it for anything in the world,  its been  great  learning to perfectly balance all these important aspects of my life and consistently give each of them my all.
I have seen my style evolve and grow over the course of the year, I reckon this would continue to happen and i'm looking forward to what 2014 fashion would be like on the blog. In reviewing 2013 I would like to share and take a look back at some of my outfit choices and recipes from the past year, click on links below photo to go to post.

Photo1                                                                    Photo 2                                                               Photo 3                     
Photo 4                                                                         Photo 5                                                         Photo 6                               
Photo 7                                                                              Photo 8                                                                                Photo 9                    
Photo 10                                                                         Photo 11                                                                  Photo 12             
Photo 13                                                                                Photo 14                                                                Photo 15           
                  Photo 16                                                    Photo 17                                                                      Photo 18           
Photo 19                                                                     Photo 20                                                                  Photo 21                          
Photo 22                                                               Photo 23                                                                      photo 24  
Photo 25                                         Photo 26                                                Photo 27    

Photo 28                                                            Photo 29                                                                        Photo 30     
            Photo 31                                                               Photo 32                                         Photo 33                  
Photo 34                                                       Photo 35                                                      Photo 36
Photo 37                                                                            Photo 38                                                                       Photo 39 
          Photo 40                                                         Photo 41                                                                             Photo 42
Photo 43                                                                               Photo 44                                                                            Photo 45          
Photo 46                                                                           Photo 47                                                Photo 48
Photo 49                                                                             Photo 50                                                        Photo 51

Looking at these photos, I can tell that my style has definitely evolved and grown, but I have remained true to myself and style preferences. 

And for grubs...these were the recipes

Photo 1                                                                                Photo 2                                                                             Photo 3

Photo 4                                                                                               Photo 5                                                                               Photo 6          
                                    Photo 7                                                                                            Photo 8                                                                             Photo 9                                                             

With regards to the food aspect, I realize I slacked a bit compared to the fashion posts,.....ok, a whole lot :). My resolve to blog more frequently is still a work in progress so a lot of improvement is expected,  I hope to do more food posts this year God willing. On a second thought, It would have been a lot tougher trying to watch my weight and cooking all those yummy recipes :), Hopefully that would change this year, I have pretty much gotten my rhythm with my portion control.
One of the  first things i'm doing with regards to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is getting right back on top of my eating habits and fitness regime this week. To get the ball rolling, I'm doing a couple of days detox and then I would take it from there, to see how that goes follow @dressed2dnines on instagram.

Finally, I would like to thank my amazing family who supported me through the year, my readers, followers and my clients.....thank you so much for your show of love and support.
As I say Goodbye to my old friend 2013.... and welcome my new friend 2014, I pray that the almighty God in his infinite mercy would grant us immense happiness,  protect us through the year, and fill us with the grace and wisdom to achieve everything we set out to achieve this year, Amen!




  1. Gorgeous outfits!! Yummy looking food.
    2013 was an amazing year!
    2014 would be much more amazing!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Here is to an amazing 2014 by God's Grace! *glass of wine raised*


  3. Happy New Year and cheers to a great 2014!

  4. Wow..absolutely stunning photos!!

    Do have a blissful and fruitful 2014


  5. Happy new year!! great outfits!!


  6. Love your use of color and patterns with your outfits!

  7. Your Style has really evolved. Wish you a lot of great things this year :).

  8. I love love love what you do with your hair


  9. Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments and New Year wishes. I truly appreciate it! Happy New Year to you all!


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