March 11, 2013

Spikes, Studs and Stripes

Hello world, how is March treating you so far? Seeing that our glorious sun is on a mission to get us all nicely roasted like ' boli' (Grilled ripe Plantain), I have been sporting mostly shorts to reduce the menace. To be honest I don't quite understand what is happening,on some days, its wet and rainy and the next its piping hot. Its as if we do not have seasonal weather differentiation anymore, Infact, within a week we would have both rainy and dry season and i'm talking serious African torrential rainfall in March! and the next day it would be so hot you would be wondering if it rained the day before or you were just hallucinating.

One thing is sure though, something is definitely happening with the ecosystem and its not very pretty.

What I am wearing : Studded collar top- Ali&kris ( Available @ Dressed) ||  Shorts - Jones New York ||  Bag - DKNY ( Available @ Dressed) ||   Shoes - ZigiSoho  ||  Sunnies - Guess

To brace the weather I'm wearing a sheer sleeveless studded collar top, striped Bermuda shorts and spiked flat shoes for comfort.

Insanity update, so far I have lost about 5 kg /11 lb, my clothes feel loose and some might actually need to be amended. Beyond losing weight, I am more conscious of what I eat and maintaining a really healthy diet which I think I might be able to stick to because there is no food that is off limits just the portions are watched and the biggest bonus of this program for me is  I'm super fit and loving it!

Have a fab week!



  1. Zizi i want that bag... I would love to come and collect it but i don't want my oga at the top to say another thing.LOL. Love the whole ensemble and loving your hair. Rock chic.

  2. I like the the variety in your styling, quite versatile. Keep it up!

  3. that bag too

  4. Thanks guys for stopping by and commenting, appreciate it!


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