September 21, 2013

Dressed 30 Ways 30 Days - Day 5

What I am wearing -  Jacket, Top, Pumps and Flats are available @ Dressed ||  Denim - Rock and Republic || Necklace - Vince Camuto || Bracelets - Nordstrom, Tk maxx and Kohls

Hello world! Its D-Day!!!I'm looking forward to all the excitement planned for today and hoping to see you all. If you cannot attend but you are interested in any outfit please send an email to, I'll endeavour to do a post on how the day went.

This is a quick Day 5 outfit post right before I get into the swing of  things, wish me luck :).




  1. I love the floral blazer. I got one just recently and was thinking of returning it. I'll keep it now!

    1. Way to go! keep it dear, you can do great things with it :)


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