December 02, 2013

Dressed 30 Ways 30 Days - Day 30!!!

What I'm wearing -  Dress  - available @ Dressed | | Pumps  - Bakers || Earrings available @ Dressed|| Purse - Kohls
What I'm wearing -  Dress  - available @ Dressed | | Pumps  - available @ Dressed|| Necklace - Nordstrom|| Belt - Forever 21

Woohoo!!!! we are down to the last day of our 30days outfit posts!  I must give credit to my sisters for being such great sports and for their patience with me. Now, lovies I have packed as many outfit as I can manage into this series, I hope you were able to draw some inspiration from them and enjoyed reading as I did posting them :) . I must say it was a lot of hard work trying to get the posts out on schedule but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, well.....most of it :). I hope I have managed to give you a glimpse into some of the items that we have available for sale and hopefully we would get to meet more of our readers. Visit the SHOP as always to order items you are interested in.
For the next couple of days it would be back to regular blogging moda operandi, woohoo! and then we would be back to give you a peek into our Christmas collection! Thank you for always reading and catch soon!



  1. very beautiful dresses.
    you look so chic.

  2. Werk it sweetheart, you look gorg, gorgeous, gorgeousrest lol. Love all the dresses especially the blue one great colour on you. Once again thumbs up for such wonderful post for 30 dress 30 days. God bless you

  3. Your outfit is so lovely and I love your hair!!!!!!! really pretty! Can I raid your wardrobe?

  4. Gorgeous girl! your eyes remind me of the cartoon character little mermaid

    1. thanks. I would have to have watch that cartoon again :)

  5. these dresses look great on you and I love the fun colors/patterns! =)

  6. really lovely outfits, wouldn't mind having them in my closet :)

  7. Lovely dresses! Welldone on completing 30 days!

  8. Both dresses are nice, especially the blue and white one. I'll have to visit the shop.

    Come enter the Boy Meets Girl personalized hoodie giveaway as part of my holiday gift guide!

  9. Thanks dear, would check it out


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