August 20, 2013

OD'ing On Dots

What I'm wearing: Shirt - Haines & Bonner (Available @ Dressed) || Pants - Tjmaxx (Available @ Dressed ||Shoes - B.Maskowsky (Available @ Dressed) || Accessories - sold out || Bag - Ferragamo (old)  ||  Sunnies - Ferragamo (old) || Belt - Ted Baker

Wearing similar patterns from head to toe can sometimes be tricky, how does one wear polka dots from head to toe without looking like Minnie mouse :). A simple trick I usually apply when wearing different patterns or similar patterns that can tend to be too matchy-matchy, is to play with the proportions of the patterns.
I usually balance bigger prints or patterns with smaller ones and where possible break up the look with neutral accessories, wearing neutral accessories helps to tone down the effect and balance the whole look.

I'm feeling really buff  in these photos  that I feel the need to do an Insanity Update, weight loss goal check.... Mrs Obama's arms almost check :) . I'm still watching my portions actively but I have since reduced the number of days I workout to mostly 3 times a week. I have reached my weight loss goals and the aim these days is basically just maintaining a healthy eating habit, staying fit and hopefully firm up and tone my muscles better.

Hope you are all having a great week guys? thank you all for constantly visiting the blog and leaving all your feedback and comments I truly appreciate it!



  1. Always looking lovely. Love this outfit.

  2. Cute. I wouldn't have thought of the "play with the proportions of the pattern" thing. That is a really good idea. I wonder if it works on strips? :)

    1. Thanks! Same rule can apply to stripes as well but with stripes its a bit trickier because they can make one look bulkier if not properly styled. For me, I tend to watch the size and placement of the stripes when playing with the proportions because I'm short waisted and have wider hips, so I go for thinner and vertical stripes on my lower half to give the illusion of a slimmer, longer frame and then for my upper body I can do the bolder stripe and go either vertical still or horizontal. Hope this helped?

  3. You nailed the look babes and you are spot on about the play of proportions for the patterns. Btw, Mrs.O has got nothing on you :-) you'd give her a run for her money at the rate you are going. Well done girl.

  4. Dots on Dots?!
    Vewy daring.
    Dunno if I've got d 'liver' to pull it off.
    But u killed it!
    The diffrent proportions made it perfect!
    Fashion involves taking risks, yea? Would give it a shot one of these days.

  5. just loving your daring and eye opening combos. What's next pls?

    Deep kudos to you

  6. Amazing look.the pattern coNtrast is cool.

  7. wow, I love the polka dot on polka dot. that's my kind of style!


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