April 09, 2014

Pastel and Neutrals

In today's post, I was trying to get a bit of minimalism. How do you get maximum effect from just a few elements? Sticking to neutrals or just one colour palette, simple silhouettes, minimal details and a completely pared down look.....well,  I do not go for full on minimalists look as it is. I would normally just add elements of minimalism to my outfits and then add a dash of color, prints, texture or whatever I fancy. But with this outfit, I didnt want to overwhelm with colours. I wanted the beauty of the outfit to shine through in its shape and textures. Sometimes the most subtle elements is all you need to get the maximum effect, sometimes less can truly be more.  Lets just say its my take on minimalism :). 

What I'm wearing -  Dress - Black via saks (available @ Dressed)|| Pumps - Calvin Klein|| Purse - Vieta  (Available  @ Dressed)| Sunnies - Banana Republic

Looking at this photos, a cleaner background would probably have been a lot better.  Hope you all doing great guys?

Enjoy the rest of your day and catch here again soon :).

April 03, 2014

What to Wear - Dinner and Casino In Vegas

Hi Guys! Hope you've all been doing great? I got an email from travel expert Kendra Thorton, inviting me to take part in a styling challenge by creating looks for her nights out with friends at Vegas, here is what she wrote about her plans for the nights.

Kendra writes, 
"I’m a mom of three kids, and I enjoy spending time with them. In a few weeks, however, I’m going to have some fun grownup time with friends in Las Vegas. During my getaway to Sin City, I’m looking forward to spending a night gambling at the Bellagio and also enjoying some fine dining at this world-class resort. I always like to look my best, and I’d like some help picking out the perfect outfit for this little adventure. Please let me know what styles you think will best complement my evening at the luxurious hotel on the Las Vegas strip. To help inform your recommendation, I’ve included details about where I’ll be dining.

Here, in the middle of the desert, I’m going to enjoy some of the finest Asian cuisine found anywhere in the world. I can’t wait to smell the exotic aromas of Catonese, Szechwan and Hunan dishes. Both authentic renderings and modern remixes of Chinese cuisine are served here with style. Chefs use only the freshest ingredients to create each entrĂ©e, and I’m especially looking forward to experiencing the live-action cooking stations during my visit. During desert, I’ll savor spectacular views of the famous Bellagio fountain from my table inside Jasmine. This is a night I’m sure I’ll remember forever.
Las Vegas Style
Las Vegas truly has something for every visitor to enjoy. I always have a good time when I visit. Whether I’m trying my luck in a casino, enjoying a remarkable act at a show on the strip or savoring a delicious meal, I’ll enjoy myself most when I look my best. I can’t wait to step out for an exciting night in Sin City, and I’m looking forward to seeing the style ideas that you recommend for this decadent evening of fun and frivolity."
When I think of Vegas, I think decadence, glamour and wild fun and these were the elements I tried to reflect in the outfit choices for her.  I wanted my choices to communicate  glamour and fun, to tie in with the atmosphere, in doing this; she would be sending out the right vibes and this may in turn affect the outcome of the day or night as the case may be.  Our outfit choices not only reflect our personalities and how people perceive us, they also have a way of affecting our mood/ disposition.  No one wants to go out rearing to have mad fun with an outfit that says 'I'd rather be home', or worse still, an outfit that would put a damper on not just their mood but also those of the people around them,  Not cool! These are my options for her.

Option 1

For the first look,  I went with a typical party look,  A glam dress with some sparkly details. I paired with an edgy mule which is so on trend right now, added a purse and earrings in color green to accent the green tones in the skirt. A very glam yet practical outfit that allows for easy movement on the dance floor or at the tables.

Option 2

For the second option, I decided to go with a dramatic and classy jumpsuit, most times a jumpsuit is not considered a good option for a glam event. But this jumpsuit ticks all the boxes. Its classy, trendy and would look great but at a posh restaurant or on the red carpet. I love that the jumpsuit allows for some midriff bearing action, makes it a little less severe and more fun. 

Option 3a

For the last look, I paired a sheer floral crop blouse, with a midi sequin skirt as a first option. Then went ahead to pair the same top with a mini sequins skirt as  an alternative to the midi skirt. This outfit screams ladylike classy, and I really love it, especially with the midi skirt. Both skirts are high waisted to accommodate the short length of the cropped blouse, I also choose a chained cross body purse for this outfit, so she can have her hands free and not have to worry about the safety of her purse.

Option 3b

I played up the glam and glitz elements on all the looks but also attempted to make the outfits practical and suitable for a fun, glam yet comfortable night out with friends.

March 30, 2014

'It' Shoes Of The Season

One word that comes to mind with this seasons trending shoes is 'Versatility'. Unlike last season when the emphasis was on a handful of styles ('The barely there sandals' aka skinny sandals was about the biggest trend). This season presents a lot more variation, everyone's shoegasm can be satisfied  -  funky sneakers, colorful, dotted or striped flats  and pumps, metallic details and shades, laser-cut sandals and clunky platforms, there's an options for every shoe lover.  Here are some of the hot new trends in shoes.

Funky Flats
Flat shoes are a wardrobe staple that most people wear all year round, nothing quite beats the comfort one gets from flat shoes. Though practical and comfortable, this season's flat shoe trend is not short on swags. I'm loving the effortless chicness of the pointy toe flat, the shape of this shoe helps give the illusion of length, and anything that lengthens our legs is a buy, No? The flats this season, are funky and in some cases totally out there, no modesty needed here - from brogues, to ballets, oxfords, to loafers and Birkenstocks, flats are bang on trend.

These backless beauties are looking to be a favourite, this season mules takes on a host of modern styles, stiletto heels, platforms, architectural and sometimes jeweled.

Sports Inspired
Sports inspired elements are a big trend both in apparels and footwear. The sports inspired look is a fine balance of luxe, chic and sporty. Cute covetable sneakers and chic sporty sandals that can be paired with practically anything to get that luxe sport chic is a must have this season . I tend to favour the more feminine styled sneakers because they work better with my style of clothing. These footwear are great for pants, shorts,  rompers / jumpsuits,  mini skirts and of course trending sport inspired apparels.

I didn't think I would ever wear gladiators, seriously this shoe trended(Is that even a word?) in the days of the bible! its the pure definition of a true relic. But this seasons gladiators comes in a variety of styles to suit everyones preference, from the original style to a more streamlined look.
The streamlined gladiators with metallic details is my cup of tea, totally chic and with fewer buckles, its a modern take on the age old style. Its great for walking too! hello! anything to work those buns. This would be a hot trend this summer, I totally want one.

Statement Heels
I don't think these need any explanations, they speak for themselves. Bold, confident and totally out there.

Chunky Heels

This season's heel is chunky and gives off some kind of retro vibe. They come in both pumps and sandals, Pair those georgous chunky heeled sandals with some coloured tights and a sheath dress for a great 60's mod look.

Kitten heels

Excited about what's on offer this season? so many goodness to choose from - What's not to love?

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