July 16, 2014

Prints and Stripes

Hiya! Hope you all doing great? In today's post I'm mixing two diffrent prints in what could be termed a smart causual/ business casual outfit. You all know how mixing prints was a massive trend last season and the season before. Well I'm not one to follow every trend but  I quite like the way outfit pop when diffrent types of prints are mixed, usually when done in a subtle way.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when mixing different prints

1.    Mix large or bold prints with smaller ones to counterbalance the effect.

2.   Be sure to use colours that complement each other.

3.   Throw in neutral item to break up the look, a good way to do this is with your  accessories.

What I'm wearing -  Jacket - Zara  || Shirt   - Jones New York  ( Get similar  here)|| Pumps  -  Via Spiga ( Get similar  here||  Skirt - Monacco (Get it  here)  || Brooch  - Nordstrom

Happy Mixing!

I was featured recently, by the lovely Kim of DarkChildLoveThyHair, She has an awesome naural hair blog, do check it out.

Catch You Soon.

June 28, 2014

Get Sporty

As much as I love fashion and love to dress up,  comfort is very important to me. I'm not one of those people that 'suffer for fashion', sorry not me, I like to be comfortable in my clothes.  When sports inspired looks started trending, I knew this was going to be my thing!  What's not to love about a trend that can be casual, relaxed and super chic all at once? Though this trend is supposed to be casual and comfortable, it has the flexibility of being interpreted in a multitude of ways, which could go from just casual to effforlessly chic.

For 2014, sports inspired looks are still hinged on the fundamentals of having sleek simple clean lines, and mainly featuring minimalistic colours, however, there's a move towards more luxurious and elegant stylying.

Here are 3 ways to make this trend rock, without looking like a slob in track pants.

a.   Choose pieces with luxe/decent quality  fabrics and good tailoring to balance out the relaxed silhouette that sporty clothing are traditional known for, this would help make your look more elegant.

b.  Embrace elegant heels, especially sandals instead of trainers, becauses track pants/ sporty trousers can tend to  be overly relaxed - as such might be dwarfing, unless of course you are vertically blessed, in which case you can try on some modern fancy sneakers for an updated take on the trend.

c.  Accessories always add more panache to any outfit, and this also goes for sporty looks, whether you choose a baseball hat, statement jewelry or simple minimalist pieces, whatever you do just accessorize.

What I'm wearing -  Top - Calvin Klein  ( Coming  here soon ) || Pants  - Willi Smith ( Coming  here soon )|| Sandals -  Charles David ||  Necklace - J. Crew || Purse  - DKNY -  ( Coming  here soon )

Hope you all are doing great? 

Catch you here soon


June 12, 2014

3 Cool Ways To Wear Dungarees.

Dungrees/Overalls is one 90's trends that is currently being resurrected and boy I'm I lapping it up? You see, I have a special fondness for the late 90's, this was the period growing up when I was becoming more self aware and my love for music and fashion started getting more defined.  So typically anything from that period brings back huge nostalgic rush and dungarees is one of such items.

Though quite easy to style, dungarees can quickly go wrong, this is because its so casual and laid back one can very easily turn out looking not put together or worse still like a car mechanic, not that there's anything wrong with that especially if that's the look you are aiming for.

My favourite way to wear dungarees is to pair with pieces that make it look classy and polished in order to tone down that whole casual- been-working-at-the-garage-all-day look!
In choosing my dungarees, I looked out for a pair that struck the right balance between being fitted and slouchy, because even though I wanted it to be modern and trendy, I also wanted it to look a bit tailored as that suits my figure better. 
I'm one of those people that don't do slouchy really well, to be able to pull off the perfect slouchy look, I would have to wear an item several sizes bigger and in the end it would look fitted around my hips and then be way bigger everywhere else. So the safe route for me and most people with bigger hips is to stick to the tailored/slightly tailored silhouette.

Another great way to style a dungaree to achieve a polished look is to pair with a strapless, fitted, bustier type top underneath it and  a white tuxedo blazer over it, the white gives a great contrast with the blue denim and you all know white tuxedos always look classy.

Here are 3 other ways I came up with to work this trend, enjoy!

What I'm wearing -  Dungarees - Kelly Renee ( get it here ) || Sandals  - Vince Camuto ( Coming  to here soon )|| Tank Top-  Gap||  Necklace - Vince Camuto  || Purse  - Aldo

In the first look (my outfit),  I paired my dungarees with a tank top, envelop clutch and strappy sandals. The second look is all refined and chic. The third look is sports casual, in this look I paired the dungarees with a sport inspired crop top, sneakers and straw bowler hat.  which do you like most?

I almost forgot this one, I was recently featured on the lovely house of Sienna blog please go check it out.

Speaking about the 90's,  what were your musical influences or favorite artist from the 90's? I loved  Aaliyah (God rest her soul), Sheryl Crow, Oasis, Mase, Mariah Carey, Busta Rhymes, Brandy, Monica, TLC , Tupac, Biggie, Joe, Destiny's Child....Someone please help me here! :)

Catch You Soon.

May 29, 2014


Hello all! how have you been? its been a while since I blogged ....I know o ): , a couple of things have been responsible for this. first of all, I have been working on a partnership with Konga.com, Nigeria's leading online store and i'm glad to say that has come through. You can now get a lot of the outfits I wear and a whole lot more at Konga.com and it's shipped to you anywhere in Nigeria within 7 days! I have also been working on developing an  online  presence for the store, that's still in the works and should come through pretty soon. These are some of the things I have been up to, and why my posts have been a bit sparse. Hopefully things should regulate soon, please bear with me. What have you been up to? :).

For today's outfit,  i'm rocking a crop top haha! the last time I wore one of these was in 1998, check out the photo on my Instagram page. So I went the safe route, by rocking a hi-lo crop top and pairing it with a high waisted midi pleated skirt. My tummy is not exactly the way it was in 1988, my stomach muscles have been expanded, stretched and torn from birthing two kids. But no complains here :) i'm werking and rocking what my mama gave me and currently working on contracting them, watch out for abs of steel haha. That said,  I don't think I look too bad.... no?

What I'm wearing -  Top - Love Rocks || Sandals  - Guess || Skirt - Andree By Unit  ( Get it here )||  Necklace - J Crew  || Purse  - Saks  || Sunnies -  Aldo

Hope you are all enjoying your holiday? Don't forget to say a prayer for our girls still in captivity  #BringOurGirlsBackHome.

Will catch you here soon!


May 01, 2014

'It' Bags Of The Season

Hi guys! sorry for the long silence I have had a super busy schedule lately. Been working on some major changes rebranding the business and moving it online, this has been taking a whole lot of my time. I would let you in  on the deets when all is set.  Today i'll be sharing some of my current favourites trends in bags.

To be honest I'm not much of a bag lady, and I reckon for most women there's a limit to just how many we really really need, no? Unless of course you are blessed with a closet that go for miles. I'll be paying attention to just the basic characeristics in my classification,  shapes and sizes, as each bag style  typically comes in all sorts of color patterns and made from all sorts of materials.  I'll also be stripping the list to the basic of what would work from work to socials and travels, these are some of my favourite trends.

The Oversized Clutch
This trend takes the clutch from  the mini version fit for mostly  formal and evening events and makes it appropriate for both day and informal events.  They come in all sorts of styles and patterns - picture embellished, tasselled, fur, assymetric,  bottom line they are all huge. This is one trend i'm loving because  it gives  both chicness and functionality. This bag combines the elegance of a clutch with the ability to carry all your 'valuable'....or more like everything you want to carry not necessarily valuables. How annoying is it when you want to go out with just one bag and everything you need cannot fit in? Not with this one, phones...check, wallet....check, make up....check.....Ipad?  oh no! more like Macbook Air, now we are getting somewhere.




The CrossBody
A great functional bag, the cross body is huge this season and comes both with chained straps for glam events or simple leather traps for everyday use. Some actually come with detachable straps which means easy transition from a day cross body bag to a mini night time clutch. I love how this is totally fuss free, Its my go to bag on days when I need my hands to be  blissfully free.



The Drawstring Back Pack
No more reserved for just students, the packback is making a showing in the form of chic drawstring bags termed "Sling Bags". Another  great option for when you need your hands free,  and you want to fit in all your essentials while on the go, one of the best option for travels if you ask me.





The Top Handle Purse
The top handle bags of the season come in both the classic satchel with both shoulder and top handle straps as well as cute mini ladylike mini bags reminiscence of the 50's.  I favour the ladylike mini bag for their timeless feminine elegance, which is very Jackie O'. The mini's are great for transitioning from day to night as a lot of them come with detachable straps which can be attached to form shoulder bags for day or detached for a night time clutch or wristlet. 







The Fold Over Clutch
The fold over bag is as the name suggests 'folded over', this bag is the king of 'slouch' in bags, it lacks any structure. Though lacking in structure, they have a refinement about them that makes them classic and almost artistic. I love how minimal and effortless they tend to look.



There you have it guys, my favorite trend in bags, what trend are you loving now?
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