July 06, 2013

Food I Love - Edikaikong Soup

Hello people, hope you are all having a restful weekend. Where are all my African peeps! , Today, we going Africana with the recipe. Today's recipe is one of the tastiest soup to come out of Nigeria in my opinion, and it is packed with all the nutritive goodness our bodies love.

The soup,  'Edikaikong' is native to the Efik people from Akwa Ibom and Cross River state of Nigeria, and there are numerous ways to make this soup. However, I find this method to be one of the easiest and healthiest ways to make it without losing its great taste. I got this 
recipe from an 'Efik' friend way back at the university.

These are the ingredients you would need.

Ugu leaves (Pumpkin leaves)
Water leaves
Stock fish
Ground Crayfish
Palm oil
Fresh pepper ( roughly ground)

1. Wash and cut up both leaves into bits and leave in separate sieves to drain out as much water as possible. I do not squeeze or wring my vegetable like some recipes suggest because I would lose some nutrients by doing that.

2. Boil and season your beef , pomo and stockfish in the same pot.

3. Heat up some oil in a pot, add your onions, beef, stock fish, pomo and dry fish. allow to cook for about 5mins.

4. Add your ground fresh pepper and simmer  for another 5mins

5. Add your Ugu/ pumpkin leaves, and cook for about  5mins, and  Add the water leaves, knorr cubes, salt and ground crayfish. allow  5mins for  it to simmer and your soup is ready.

Serve your soup with pounded yam, garri or fufu *said in an American accent :)*, or you can eat the soup  by itself for dinner, I do that sometimes.

Tried it?  let me know what you did differently and how it came out.

Bon Appetit! 


  1. Hmmm this got my taste buds up.am off to prepare mine fredaidehen.blogspot.com

  2. Edikaikong soup, always one of the best!

  3. Edikaikong soup, always one of the best!

  4. babes please I hope that soup is remaining oh, my taste buds are dancing azonto after seeing this pix.


  5. I wouldn't lie, cooking this soup is always making me feel scared cos if u don't get it, u wouldn't enjoy it, but thanks for the recipe will try this time.

  6. Fuck me that looks gooooood. I have a salad infront of me right now and and it just makes me wanna chuck away my salad.


  7. Thanks for this simple steps. But will ugwu more than water leave or vice versa?

    1. Hi! I usually use more of water leaves than Ugwu. Its a matter of preference really, I don't think there is any precise measurement.


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