December 18, 2013

12 Days Of Christmas - Day 7

Hi guys! hope you are all doing good. For today's outfit I decided to do a bit of pattern clashing with my sparkly Christmas look. I'm not a guru at mixing prints /patterns but this felt really good when I put it together so I went with it! that's pretty much how I put most outfits together, when it feels good and I love it, I just go ahead and rock it! I believe anyone can really pull off anything so long as you love your outfit and you are confident wearing them. Check here, here and here for previous posts where I mixed prints/patterns. In this outfit i'm wearing a sequin polka dot top, which is the major sparkle element of the outfit, and I paired it with a penciled skirt with bold geometric details and accessorized with my trustee Christmas shoes and bag :).

What I'm wearing -  Top  - J.Crew ( sold out @ Dressed|| 
 Skirt  - J.Crew  ( available @ Dressed|| Sandals - Guess   || Purse  - Saks

Catch you soon!



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