December 16, 2013

12 Days Of Christmas - Day 6

Hello World! Hope you are all doing great today. For Day 6 I'm back to the trousers, on the occasions I wear trousers for parties, I tend to favour pants with great fabrics and a cut that's sleek and not too snug, this pant is one that ticks these boxes. I paired my pants with this fab top made with rich, shiny brocade fabric, perfect for the all important par-tay bling, and for even more glitter elements, I went for sparkly earrings and a gold plated waist cinching belt. My fav things about this outfit are its simple elegance, the vibrant colours and how relaxed it feels,  great for any Christmas soiree! 

What I'm wearing -  Top - Banana Republic ( available @ Dressed||Pants - Nordstrom ( available @ Dressed || Sandals - Guess  ||Belt - Ann Taylor  ( available @ Dressed) || Earrings - T.J Maxx  || Purse  - Saks ||Bracelets -  Nordstrom
 Catch you tomorrow!


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