October 02, 2013

Dressed 30 Ways 30 Days - Day 11

What I'm wearing -  Dress -  Tahari By  Asl  ( available @ Dressed) | | Ring  -  available @ Dressed  || Sandals  - Charles David (sold out. similar still  available  @ Dressed) ||  Necklace - Vince Camuto

Hello World, hope you are all doing great. We are down to Day 11, of showcasing our 30 Days  outfits from  the store's newest collection and I feel the need to phewww!  *wipes sweat off brows * :). To think that I was going to do a daily outfit posts initially, talk about over committing. 

Today's oufit is a silk shirt dress with colourful bold graphic prints, this is one of those dresses that you really don't have to do much to make it a standout piece,  just simple accessories and you are sure to make a big impression.

Check out the shop for details of how to place your orders and photos from previous posts.

To my Nigerian readers, hope you had a restful holiday? as we celebrate another independence anniversary I do not feel the need to say the obligatory "Happy Independence" simply because for me, there are very few things to be happy about with regards to the state of the nation . However I would celebrate the Nigerian people, for our resilience, courage and never say die spirit.

Long Live Naija!


  1. Very Chic look !

  2. awesome dress,I agree with you that this dress speaks for itself. great job styling it


  3. N.I.C.E, colorful outfit, I love the footwear, cute chunky buckles, right heel length! Very cute :)

    1. Those sandals are fav new items, I just love them too :)

  4. Pretty dress...and a pretty look

  5. That dress is too busy for my liking trash it, reminds me of Naija housegirls. the shoes are hot but busy in the front, wear those shoes with a white tan black any neutral solid color really and see how they will pop, ughhh and with a tan clutch not ur black glasses case! this look sucks but thats just my opinion.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Its fine to air your opinion but you know its called “personal style” for a reason, and doesn't have to be to everyone’s liking. If I were styling you, then I would take into consideration your likes, dislikes and lifestyle.


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