December 11, 2013

12 Days Of Christmas - Day 1

Hey Guys! hope your week is going well so far. How excited are you that its Christmas? it feels like the year just started a few days ago and suddenly its Christmas already! Christmas is by far my favourite time of the year and some of my favourite things about this joyful season are, 

-Listening to the carols- I'm not talking about the modern day type of carol, nah! my thing is the old school Jim Reeves, James Last and the likes. These songs bring back great childhood memories of Christmas.

- Beautiful decoration - Growing up, I was usually the first one to push for the tree to be assembled and the decoration started, usually by the 1st of December! which was not usually the norm in those days. Those colourful lights and pretty decoration have a way of brightening up the home and cheering even the gloomiest of moods.

- The Family get together - Some of my fond memories of Christmas was waking up early on Christmas morning to take part in the Xmas day cooking, which most times would end at about noon because there's usually so much to cook to cater for the numerous loved ones and friends that would turn up that day for the big feast.

- The Partying and Festivities -This is a time when there is an endless list of events to attend! for some reason a lot of people schedule their weddings for this time of the year, then there is the office parties, school parties, beach parties, shows and concerts, I like to attend rhythm unplugged, Praise Jam and the likes (Both Nigerian musical concerts). Its no wonder this joyous season is called the the party season! What are your favourite things about Christmas? Please share :).

To usher in this year's party season, for the next 12 days I'll be doing a Christmas themed outfit posts to get us all into the party mood. I would try to feature outfit for most occasions, and hopefully you'll get some fashion inspiration for the numerous event you plan on attending. A good number of the outfits are still available for sale at the Shop so hurry up before they run out. Most of the outfits can either be dressed up or down depending on your preference and the occasion. I love sparkly outfits for Christmas so this is mostly the way I would be rocking mine.

What I'm wearing -  Dress  - Saks  ( available @ Dressed| | Sandals -Guess  || Earrings - Nordstrom|| Purse  - Saks 5th avenue

Today's outfit is all about the sparkly, gorgeous sequin dress paired with my current favourite sandals and purse. This outfit would be great for an evening event, dinner, party whatever you fancy really. Sorry about the blurred photos. Have a great evening, catch you tomorrow! :)



  1. Ooooooooooooooooh, so shiny and hawt!!! I like the hair

  2. Replies
    1. Yea, Nothing quite says Christmas like the bling :). thanks for stopping by dear

  3. i likey!!!!! Such a glittery outfit, perfect for the season

  4. I loveeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!. You look so good babes and that dress is just perfect for this season.

  5. I love your hair and your dress is beautiful!
    UK High Street Fashion Blog

  6. Lovely dress. great pictures xxx


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