December 23, 2013

12 Days Of Christmas - Day 12 + Thankful and Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys! how are you today, excited about Christmas and the holidays? I am definitely excited about the season and even more importantly I'm grateful to God for the gift of life and good health. Its been a very exciting, eventful and definitely productive year and I'm so hyped to see what 2014 has in store.

For our final party look, i'm wearing a cocktail dress which I wore with a yellow cardigan to add a dash of colour and vary the look a bit. Then I paired with sandals, a purse and statement necklace to make the outfit more dressy and party fabulous! :)

Ijo ayo mii re! (Yoruba language meaning  -  Doing my dance of joy and thanksgiving :) )

What I'm wearing -  Dress  - White House Black Market  ( available @ Dressed)|| 
Cardigan - J crew ||  Sandals - Guess || Necklace - LPM   || Purse  - Saks ||Bracelets -  Nordstrom

There you have it guys the 12 party season looks I'll be wearing this party season, to get to see these outfits in real time, then you need to be following on instagram @dressed2dnines

I hope you enjoyed viewing and reading like I did posting :), Some of the items are still available at the shop, so hurry up and grab yours before they run out. 
As the year draws to an end, I would like to use this opportunity as a blog and as a business, to say a big thank you to you our readers and clients. When I decided sometime in the second quarter of the year to attempt to blog more actively this year and share more of what I do as a business on the blog, I didn't quite anticipate the volume of positive feedback I would get . As a blog I'm not where I want to be yet, but I'm not where I was at the beginning of the year too, and its all thanks to you, our readers, followers on all the social media platforms and the patronage of our ever loyal clients. Thank you so much for all the support and we would like to close the year with a promise to switch things up even higher in the coming year, God willing. We Pray the season brings us all loads of good cheer, laughter and everything we desire in the coming year! 

Enjoy your holidays and see you on the other side.

Merry Christmas!!!!

December 22, 2013

12 Days Of Christmas - Day 11

Happy Sunday guys! Hope the weekend has been great so far. I'm virtually at the end of the party season inspired series, and I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. I hope you also enjoyed reading and picked up a few outfit inspiration. For today post, i'm wearing a printed tailored pant I got from J.Crew, I usually favour tailored looks with my pants because they are more suited to my figure and style. I paired the pants with a Jacquard peplum top, red pumps and added some christmas-y bling with the gold plated bow belt and my purse. I particularly love the richness of this outfit, the fabric and prints on the top and pants are just perfection! great for day time events, Hope you like.  
I have now officially joined the Instagram bandwagon, Please follow my Instagram page @dressed2dnines for more fashion in real time and a lot of cool stuff that don't make the cut to the blog :).

What I'm wearing -  Top - J.Crew ( available @ Dressed||Pants - J.Crew ( available @ Dressed || Pumps - Jessica Simpson  ||Belt - Asos ( available @ Dressed) || Earrings -  Nordstrom  || Purse  - Saks ||Bracelets -  Nordstrom

Thanks for always reading, Catch you again here tomorrow, :).


December 21, 2013

12 Days Of Christmas - Day 10

Hi Guys! Hope you are having a restful weekend. In today's post I'm wearing another of my  favourite new outfit! I know I would be living in this dress for a long time and would probably need to be stopped from wearing it too often. I can be annoying like that, when I find something I love, I would rock it to eternity, and then its on to the next one after I have probably drained the life out of the piece. So, my day 10 party season outfit, is this cowl neck 'Natori' dress, I love the silhouette of this dress, its so easy to wear yet very chic. I paired it with my Christmas sandals and purse to add some Christmas-y glitz, shinny drooping earrings, cat-eye sunnies, and with my Nodza purse in the second set of photos.

I literally felt like a walking ball of sunset wearing this orange dress with the pink purse, but seriously what's there not to love about the sunset or bold, bright beautiful colours as the case may be? I totally love this purse and I know I world be rocking it a whole lot too.

What I'm wearing -  Dress  - Natori ( available  Here|| Sandals - Guess  || Earrings - Kennet cole ( available @ Dressed || Purse  - Saks  and  Gidan Nodza||Bracelets -  Nordstrom

Thanks for always reading :), see you again tomorrow!


December 20, 2013

12 Days Of Christmas - Day 9

Hi Guys! Hope the week is panning out great for you all! Is it me, or does it just look like everything seem to run smoothly and everyone in a gay mood during Christmas? Whatever it is i'm loving the jolly atmosphere that Christmas brings with it! That's one of those things we love about Christmas right?

In today's post, I'm wearing the classic LBD, I say classic because the LBD never truly goes out of fashion. The trends might state "white or Red " as the new ''black'' but that would just be for a season or so, and then we are back again to the LBD, which would always be fashionable irrespective of what the trend is.With this dress, the embellished collar does it for me, with a statement collar like this I didn't have to do much with accessorizing. A paired of red pumps for some life giving colour and skinny animal print belt to accentuate the waist and voila! party happy....and party ready!  I plan on wearing this outfit for my friends civil marriage with a little tweak here and there, I think this outfit would be great for that sort of event.

Couldn't help including this goofy photo :)
What I'm wearing -  Dress  - Spense  ( available @ Dressed|| Belt - Ann Taylor || Pumps - Bakers || Earrings - Macy's   || Purse  - Saks ||Bracelets -  Nordstrom

Catch you Soon!

December 18, 2013

12 Days Of Christmas - Day 8

Hi guys! For today's look i'm channeling my inner girly-girl :). I went for a more girly look with this lovely pink cocktail dress, I'm not much of a pink loving girl so the varied tones  on this dress is just perfect for girls like me that don't want to do the whole hot pinky look. I also love the folded Grecian detail on the dress and the feel of its soft, velvety fabric. I paired my dress with red pumps for some toned down colour blocked effect,  the fact that the dress has a graduating colour scheme helps to ensure that the colour blocking is not too jarring. For some Christmas-y bling I added my shiny sequin purse and kept my accessories minimal. This dress just speaks wedding receptions and that's just where mine is headed! :).

What I'm wearing -  Dress  - Max and Cleo ( available  Here|| Pumps - Bakers || Earrings - Macy's   || Purse  - Saks ||Bracelets -  Nordstrom

Have a lovely evening and catch again tomorrow.


12 Days Of Christmas - Day 7

Hi guys! hope you are all doing good. For today's outfit I decided to do a bit of pattern clashing with my sparkly Christmas look. I'm not a guru at mixing prints /patterns but this felt really good when I put it together so I went with it! that's pretty much how I put most outfits together, when it feels good and I love it, I just go ahead and rock it! I believe anyone can really pull off anything so long as you love your outfit and you are confident wearing them. Check here, here and here for previous posts where I mixed prints/patterns. In this outfit i'm wearing a sequin polka dot top, which is the major sparkle element of the outfit, and I paired it with a penciled skirt with bold geometric details and accessorized with my trustee Christmas shoes and bag :).

What I'm wearing -  Top  - J.Crew ( sold out @ Dressed|| 
 Skirt  - J.Crew  ( available @ Dressed|| Sandals - Guess   || Purse  - Saks

Catch you soon!


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