May 31, 2013


I could not think of a more appropriate title for this post other than the word 'maximize', I chose the title primarily because I am wearing a maxi skirt. Another reason is because I'm working several trends at the same time with pieces I have not worn in a while. It almost feels like some sort of trend 'Mash-up'.....the bold stripe trend, neon trend and stacked punk rock heels. 

What I am wearing - Skirt: Tjmaxx (similar available at the store in limited qty) ||  
Top: River Island ||  Necklace : Old || Shoes : Wild Pair  || Belt : Forever 21

Now to the story of the outfit, well not much of a story, It was love at first sight when I saw this skirt even though I didn't quite have a picture of what I would do with it. Oftentimes I have an idea of how a piece would fit into what I already have or an inkling of what it could possible go with among my clothes but with this skirt, zilch! nothing of such.

So over the weekend while I was doing some housekeeping I came across this 'long forgotten three years old gorgeousness of a shoe!!!' and that was the light bulb moment. Isn't it cool how you would see a shoe or top or even an accessory and you instantly get an idea of what to wear with it?.

I am all about maximizing my existing wardrobe and looking my best on a budget to keep more money in my pocket. Lets be practical most women do not have a ton of money to spend on shopping for clothes yet we all seem to have a  very common problem " I have nothing to wear!!!".......great idea for a post right? *scurries off to laptop* :).

Just wondering, could the word 'maxi' have been coined from  'maximize'......anyone know?.

Have a fab weekend!


May 27, 2013

What I like about Billboard Music Award 2013

 I am usually more drawn to musical award shows mainly because I am more of a music person than a movie person. After the 2013 Billboard musical award took place on the 19th of May I couldn't wait for the show  to air on Dstv. Luckily I didn't have to wait for too long, yesterday, I saw the show and it was a fantastic event. My favourite performances of the event were, Nicky Minaj and lil Wayne, Bruno Mars 'Treasure', Prince 'Lets go Crazy'........ You just got to love prince right?, Chris Brown 'Fine China', Miguel 'Adorn' and of course Pitbull and J Lo on stage....Awesome!, man was looking smoking hot, he was the best looking man of the night in my opinion, seriously how many men can pull off yellow pants and still look super macho hot? These are my favorite  looks from the show.

Miley Cyrus  gets my best dressed female in this Balmain crystal encrusted Playsuit and fab hair and make up, I could totally see myself in this.

Pitbull looking so dapper

Chloe Grace Moretz  

Chris Brown

Jason Derulo I love the look of the gold chain and bracelets on an all black outfit 

Jennifer Lopez in this glittery gold number, I love the 70's style plunging neckline and sheer bottom

Psy, note the little pink cuffs

Miguel, Love the necklace, its little touches like this that take an outfit to the next level for me

Selena Gomez in Versace dress with neon piping

Taylor Swift 

Will. I. am

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

The men really came down heavy at the event, they totally owned their looks and most importantly for me it looked effortless, nothing as irritating as when it looks like a man spends days in front of the mirror :). what looks do you like most?

Have a fab week!



May 25, 2013

Food I Love - Veggie Bolognese sauce

Hey Guys! Hope you all are having a fab weekend. Today's recipe is  my twist on the bolognese sauce. Who has the time to skin tomatoes before cooking for hours?.....not me! I like to prepare this dish when i'm short on time and want to make the humble bolognese sauce a little more special. I have chosen to use chicken breast rather than the tradition mince meat because its a healthier option for me. The recipe is quite versatile you can decide to use prawns, boneless beef fillet, fillet of fish or even Tofu for the vegetarians among us. The sauce is pretty easy to make and the best part is it's kind on the waist line therefore  insanity compliant.

Ingredients ( Makes 3 Serving)

2 large boneless, skinless chicken breast
2 large red bell peppers
2 large green peppers
1 small bunch spring onion
3 med sticks of carrot
2 tbs tomato paste
5 med size tomatoes
4 large red chilli ( I like a bit of heat, adjust based on your preference)
medium size onion
1 cup cooked pasta ( you can use any pasta of your choice)
1/2 tsp thinly sliced garlic
1/2 tsp crush ginger
1 tsp ground black pepper
1/3 cup olive oil ( any oil you fancy really, I use Olive because its a healthier option for me)
1 cube stock cube ( I use knorr cubes)
1 tsp mrs Dash seasoning ( I like Ms dash but you can use any type of seasoning you would typically use for a tomato based sauce)

1. cut up chicken into about 1inch cubes and spice it up with a bit of ginger, garlic, black pepper, and knorr cubes allow to marinate for about 30mins
2.Pan fry marinated chicken in a hot pan with a little oil and set aside
3. slice carrot,  green, ball peppers and spring onions into about 2in lengths
4. Blend together fresh tomatoes, half of the onions and the fresh chilli peppers
5. Add remaining onion, garlic and ginger to heated olive oil and add blended tomatoes and tomato paste and fry for about 10mins  and add seasoning
6. Add carrot to tomato sauce and fry until carrot is slightly tender then add chicken and the sliced peppers
7. Finally add the spring onions and serve with already cooked pasta


That's a plate of healthy deliciousness right there.

Tried it?  let me know what you did differently and how it came out.

Bon appétit


May 21, 2013

We don did it!!! Liebster Award Yay!!!!

A couple of days ago Berry Dakara graciously nominated moi for this award!!!!  While I was still basking in the euphoria of being nominated, I got a second nomination for the same award from Stylefash25! So it was like a double whammy recognition. I’m super excited about being nominated for the Liebster!!!

The Liebster is basically like a cyber pat on the back for up and coming bloggers. The whole essence of the award is to recognize blogs with fewer than 200 followers that deserve a look.

So what does it mean for me you ask?

Oh no! I would not be getting a sealed envelope or a trophy…..I have this cute badge below to show for it. 

Beyond getting something, sometimes just a pat on the back or a nod of the head from someone saying you are doing a fantastic job is enough. This blog has so far been a labour of love for be recognized for what I enjoy......Awesome!!!

Thank you so much Berry Dakara and Stylefash25….. this means a lot to me.

So with every award there are certain rules, the  rules for the Liebster are fun, simple and varies from blog to blog ,but since Berry nominated me first, I shall comply with her rules!

My job now is to list 11 random facts about me, answer the 11 questions posted by Berry, then to nominate 11 new bloggers, who would also bask in the Liebster glow - Off we go then...  

Rule 1,  Thank the blogger that nominated you

1. Thank you ladies, appreciate it!…… done!

2. List 11 random facts about yourself

·                     I love dunking buttered bread in tea….yum!!!!

·                     I love and listen to a wide genre of music which includes a lot of rap and rock

·                     I had a terrible obsession with Micheal Jackson as a teenager

·                     I was a yoyo dieting for as long as I can remember….my worst diet ever was a coffee and fruit diet….things we do to our bodies.

·                     I wanted to be to be an entrepreneur as a kid, then an artist, then a fashion designer, then a writer, then a  TV chef and finally a medical doctor, I ended up studying the sciences and my Msc was in Geography Information systems,  I’m currently running a fashion retail business 

·                     I hate going to the salon, it’s so time consuming!

·                     I am scared of any living thing with feathers especially chickens. I cannot touch, much less hold one *covers face*

·                     I love shopping for clothes. During a black Friday sale I shopped from about 9pm to 10am the next morning, * hides face*. I’m one of those people that would try everything for fit and quality so I do not shop online unless its a brand I’m familiar with.

·                     I am such a huge foodie. I’m constantly researching and trying out new recipes

·                     I love travelling .The best part of flying for me is the take off!!!

·                     I’m a night owl, not a morning person at all.

3. Answer the questions posted by the blogger who nominated you

What would you be if you were:

-An ingredient/food?

 A chocolate Brioche

 -A  movie character?

 A super sexy Villian

-An item of clothing?

 A bum short

- A book?

A self help book for women on Fashion and food

-A color?


-A song?

A mix of soft rock ,rap and R& B…..Something upbeat and danceable

-An animal?

 A Lioness

-A month?


-A place?

 Monte carlo

-A scent?

 Vanilla mixed with aromatic  cedar wood

-A word?

- No idea lol!

4. Nominate 11 other bloggers, Please bear with me I would populate this list gradually. These are  bloggers with fewer than 200 followers that I have connected with or have caught my eye!


5. Ask your nominees 11 questions

1.Why is your blog name what it is? My blog shares the same name as my business, when the idea to start my blog came up it was a natural progression for me.

2.Who's your favorite celebrity and why? To be honest I like a lot of them I do not have any particular favourites, I admire Oprah  a lot, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce,  too many 

3.What color shoes are you wearing right now? None , I'm at home and barefeet.

4.Would you wear an engagement ring on your middle finger or fourth finger?  My forth finger because my middle finger is too long and bony to look good with a ring on it.

5.What's your dream vacay destination? A  few days in Ibiza, a couple more in the Caribbean and then on to Newyork  and final destination Champs-Élysées for the shopping........hehehehe long throat!

6. #TeamNatural, #TeamRelaxed, or #TeamItsJustHairChillOut? 

Hmmm! Coincidentally I decided to go totally natural about 2 months ago. However the last time I retouched my hair was last September so my hair was already pretty much transitioning. I’m not sure how this would pan out but I had to do it because my hair line was badly damaged and I’m hoping going natural would restore it. So at the moment #TeamNatural

7.When was the last time you prayed? 30mins ago

8.What's your favorite color? Red

9. What number child are you? 2nd

10. What's the last meal you cooked? Stir  fried veggie noodles

11.Would you rather do 100 jumping jacks or 75 squats? 100 jumping jacks because it’s more fun

6. Notify your nominees

Coming right up!

Hope you enjoyed reading this?


May 18, 2013

Chic - define Your Vintage Style

You know how sometimes you would see someone wearing vintage and be like …….Eewwww, It is oftentimes tricky to strike the right balance between making a chic statement and looking outrageous à la looking gaudy with vintage fashion, this is one look that is  more difficult to pull off and still remain  trendy and chic.

Vintage clothing when probably styled can be quite unique and make one stand out in a good way. When you purchase a vintage piece, you are getting something that cannot be found at every departmental store by the thousands.  It is a limited, if not one of a kind item just for you, this can mean you would probably be the only one wearing it at your next event. They also offer a sense of character, history, style, and it’s an aspect of fashion where you can really bring your individuality into your look. 

Here are a few pointers for getting head turning vintage style

1. Ooze confidence! 

This is my first rule with everything in life especially fashion, for me style is having confidence, I believe if you wear things with confidence you can pull almost anything off. So pucker up....shoulders square and strut your stuff, you are wearing something unique and different as opposed to what everyone else is wearing, trust me the compliments would be many. 

Drew Barrymore in Eighties style body con dress with vintage earring and cut out ivory and black Giuseppe Zanotti

2. Flaunt your stuff

Know your body type, choose pieces to highlight your best feature and cover up whatever you want covered.   Never choose an outfit because it looks good on someone might not work for you. If you have a small waist, then flaunt it with a waist cinching 50's party dress. The trick here is to find what you like the most about yourself and focus on it, this rule actually works across various styles. Most times our best assets are usually what we like the most about us. On the contrary  If you are not crazy about your hips then try a 60's a line dress that fits snugly in the bust area and then flare out from there. Do not sweat what you do not like about your body , "Just remember: someone loves everything you hate about yourself.” -Frank Ocean

Kate Beckinsale in vintage Balmain

3. Do you!

Stay true to your style and own it! But also consider shape, cuts and fabrics that work best for you. We all have our own unique tastes when it comes to fashion.......'Do you, as only you can!

Kim K looking like a Retro Diva

4.  Start Small

I would not advise starting off wearing vintage head to toe if you have not done it before; a good way to start is to ease yourself gradually into it. You can do this by wearing vintage accessories like scarves, hats, jewelry, handbags, or belts. Like with everything less is more, so choose one accessory at a time.

5. Fit is everything

Vintage is one area where clothing has to absolutely fit perfectly! Or you would end up looking gaudy and ridiculous. So fit your outfit properly before buying or have it amended to fit your measurements.

Blogger Tanesha Awasthi of Girwithcurves wearing a vintage dress with contemporary accessory

6. Stay on Trend

Stay updated with what’s trending in magazines, blogs, and fashion websites in other to get inspiration on current styles, colours, textures and prints and incorporate these into your vintage styling. Since fashion is constantly being recycled, there are styles from the past being made again, and there is a good chance you can find the original version of a style in a vintage item from that era.

7. Mix Old with New

Its  a great idea to mix and match your vintage pieces with your contemporary pieces. If you've found an amazing 80's sequin top you can pair it with a new denim shorts or pants. Alternatively you can add touches of vintage by pairing vintage accessories with your contemporary pieces, for example you can add a vintage handbag or vintage sunglasses to your contemporary look. With vintage, when in doubt… pair with basics or black and white to be safe just like with any other trend.

Christian Hendricks in a super stylish Stella McCartney outfit and retro cat eye sunglasses 
8. Accessories..... Accessories...... Accessories!

A good rule when wearing vintage clothing is to make sure it’s styled with great accessories, this doesn't necessarily have to be vintage accessories.  Try adding a bit of character to keep your whole look interesting and new, something as simple as a scarf around the neck, a brooch or a belt on a dress for added shape can greatly refresh a look.

 Eva Longoria wearing a vintage Neil Lane brooch 

9. Dress around one dramatic piece

Wearing head to toe vintage can easily tend towards looking outlandish....I would advise not to wear vintage head to toe unless you are absolutely sure or you don't mind looking like you are going to a Halloween party. A safe route to take is to pick a great piece e.g. a great Jacket or Jeans and pair with simple neutral accessories to make it look low key and modern rather than like you just stepped out of a time machine.

Blogger Tanesha of Girlwithcurves wearing a vintage jacket
Chloe Sevigny
10. Be Inspired 

It is helpful to collect visual inspiration from Blogs, Pin interest, magazines etc. It helps to have a visual reminder when you are not sure.

Blogger Salewa of forStylesake wearing beautiful accessories

Finally, clothes from the past were made with better fabric and technique than we have today. In the past there was more emphasis on clothing being well made because clothes had to last longer since people did not buy new clothing as often as we do today.
There was a lot of handmade processes in the manufacturing of vintage clothing, unlike today where most processes are machine made. they also tend to fit better because patterns were cut and fitted on actual people....not just a computer program made to mimic what looks good on a hanger.

On a larger scale, the cost of production for these items have already been incurred, i.e. you are not paying for the production of a new item ( fuel for shipping, energy to produce, emission from factories, dumping of chemicals etc), so you are essentially not contributing to pollution and stopping these items from going into a landfill

If you ask me....its a win win situation, you are buying superiorly made, one of a kind, fashionable clothes and at the same time helping the planet! Whats not to love about that!


Have a fab weekend!

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