October 28, 2013

Dressed 30 Ways 30 Days - Day 21 + Giveaway!

What I'm wearing -  Dress  - Sold out  @ Dressed| | Pumps  - Dune  || Necklace - available @ Dressed 

Hello World! How was your weekend?  Mine was a fashion packed weekend. I attended 2 days of the Lagos Fashion and Design week (LFDW) and I must say it was worth every minute. While all the designers had amazing collections the younger designer’s award show gave me a whole new high. This crop of young talents showed so much creativity in their use of unusual mix of fabric, I'm eager to see what they come up with in the future. The beauty of some of the pieces was so overwhelming, I am still  having endless dreams about some pieces I saw lol, so many pieces totally worth coveting. watch out for the post on the event soon.

I’m eager to get back to my regular blogging Moda Operandi, but while I'd love to blog endlessly with no care in the world, The ‘Igboness’  in me reminds me that I have a business to run, lol. You know what they say about word of mouth, so please go on and tell a friend who needs a fab new outfit that we are the ‘go-to’ brand for quality, trendy yet affordable fashion in Lagos. We thrive to keep it classy and exclusive too, because we understand that our clients don't want to get to an event only to discover that there about five other people wearing the same outfit, lol! So keep the orders coming in, let’s sell  this stock out and move on to some serious blogging tinz lol.

For today's outfit, I took the simplistic approach and  kept it quite clean, in my opinion there are times you just allow the elegance of a dress to shine  through by not overwhelming it with accessories.  I love the pleats details and the simple elegance of this dress, though simple, yet could be quite versatile depending on how you style it .


What are the interesting ways you would style this dress? Share the stylish things you would do with this dress in the comment box for a chance to win a lovely set of earrings from us.

The winning style would be chosen based on our opinion....hehehe! we hold the knife and the yam :) not really. We would also choose the winning style based on our readers reactions and comments, so if you want to be in on this action drop a comment or reply to peoples comment, shikena! Promo ends on Friday the 1st of November, at 12 noon Nigerian time, gift would be available for 'Pick up' in Lagos Nigeria. 

If you like this dress and would like to order it,  please visit the SHOP and give us a call.

Thanks for always reading.

Catch you later!

October 24, 2013

Dressed 30 Ways 30 Days - Day 20

What I'm wearing -  Dress  - Both dresses are available @ Dressed| | Shoes  -  available @ Dressed  || Purse - Aldo 

Hey people! how's the week going? mine has been good. I spent a couple of days taking photography lessons and I must say I’m kinda loving being behind the camera. 

Now, feedback from our readers indicate that they are enjoying seeing fresh faces on the blog and getting a sneak peek of the collection, so...., because we a brand that love to listen to our clients, we are looking at a situation where we would  feature clients wearing outfits they got from us. 
So if you got that outfit from ‘Dressed’ and you  feel you killed it in the way you styled it, then by all means send in your photos :).

For today’s posts, we are giving you a higher dose of freshness by showing not one but two outfits!
Both dresses have totally different silhouettes,  The first is a fab  A-lined geometric print dress which was paired with blue pumps and a waist cinching belt to add even more omph! to the outfit.  This dress by itself is already fab but you can throw on a blazer for formal events and my preferred option would be a white blazer  paired  with  nude pumps.

The second is a gorgeous Grecian dress with a deep V-neck, this dress just speaks gorgeous diva and I totally love how Nkiru is 'werking it' in these photos. With this dress you can wear it casually during the day like Nkiru or you can glam it up for the evening by adding a statement necklace/earrings, killer heels, an updo and you would ooze Grecian gorgeousness at that dinner event.

Now lovies, you know these 30 days post is mainly to give you an idea of what to expect if you decide to shop with us, I sincerely wish we could do a 200 days post, yay! That’s how versatile and varied our stock is but  there is a limit to how much we can really manage on the blog,  so if you like what you see then visit the  SHOP  and give us a call.

On to other matters, how excited are you about the start of the Lagos fashion and Design week? I am super excited  and hoping to see a couple of shows and bring you the juicy deets. The show starts the 23rd of Oct and runs until Saturday the 26th of Oct at the Ocean View Victoria Island Lagos, hope to see you there :).

Catch you later!

October 20, 2013

Dressed 30 Ways 30 Days - Day 19

What I'm wearing -  Dress  - Available @ Dressed| | Sandals  - Vince Camuto (available @ Dressed || Earrings - available @ Dressed || Purse - available @ Dressed

Hello People! hope you are having a lovely Sunday afternoon, I am, just had a nice meal of rice with freshly made chicken stew. How traditional is Sunday rice and chicken stew to Nigerians? There is just something special about Sunday rice and stew, its not like your week day rice and stew, I just can't explain why,  But its held a special significance for me and it brings back a lot of childhood memories. Are there any meals or recipes that evokes some sort of memories for you? Please share in the comment box.

Today's outfit is a monochrome high-low dress with geometric prints and a beautifully ruffled back detail. I love the back detail on this dress, it gives the illusion of some booty haha! ( sorry didn't get a good back photo to show this).

I paired it with strappy sandals and a purse to give a bit of feminine elegance to this edgy dress, hope you like it?

Visit the SHOP if you would like to order items from this post.

I was featured lately on the lovely Halima's blog, this is one lady I cannot wait to see do outfit posts because she has such fab style, waiting on you to take the plunge girl :), check out the post HERE.

Catch you later!

Have a great week.

October 18, 2013

Dressed 30 Ways 30 Days - Day 18

What I'm wearing -  Dress  - Available @ Dressed| | Sandals  -  available @ Dressed
Hello world! hope you are having a fab week so far? Being that today is Friday and most people are in a fairly jolly mood in anticipation of the weekend, we decided to showcase an outfit that would further amp the Friday jolliness:).

Showing today's outfit is my sister  Oluchi, the fourth member of team 'Dressed',  haha!. This post would not feel right if I didn't say anything about this virtuous woman, you know how in every family there is an angel? this lady right here is the angel of the pack, and she comes with a wonderful golden heart. Beautiful lady both in and out,  she was the one behind the camera in all my feature post for this series, I can't just give her enough credit for all the support.

Today's outfit is a beautiful semi- sheer chiffon dress with intricate gold beading, the drama of this dress doesn't end with the sheer fabric and beading, it also has an elegant cut-out back, wowzer! :), this dress just screams sexy, chic and fun!

I get a bit of a 20's vibe with this dress, it embodies certain elements of  fabulous 20's fashion that I love, the sheer fabric, beaded details and the long straight silhouette, add a sparkly headband and a rounded toe Mary Jane and we might just be off to the Gatsby! 

To order this dress, Please visit the Shop.

I was recently featured on Fola's lovely blog, hehehe! celebrity tinz :), check it out here.

Enjoy your weekend!


October 16, 2013

Dressed 30 Ways 30 Days - Day 17

What I'm wearing -  Dress  - Available @ Dressed| | Shoes  - Similar style available @ Dressed  
Hello World ! hope you are having a great week so far, I'm sure my Nigerian audience are enjoying their 2 days sallah holidays being observed. Barka de sallah to my muslim readers,.... hmmm! I didn't get any ram o!

Today's post feature a lovely dress with a cleverly placed, figure flattering ruched detail for our curvy sisters.  I'm quite excited about this post because I have mentioned several times that  we have equally fabulous outfit for curvy ladies, this range of  outfits are made specifically  to fit and flatter in just the right places.  I  got my lovely sister Nkiru to showcase this line, so expect to see more super stylish and flattering  outfit for fuller figure ladies.

Alright, let me not bore you with my ramblings, to all  my fun, fearless and  fabulous curvy females now you know we got you covered too! :),  visit the Shop to place your orders.

Enjoy the rest of your week.


October 13, 2013

Dressed 30 Ways 30 Days - Day 16

What I'm wearing -  Dress  - Available @ Dressed| | Shoes  - Ninewest (Similar available @ Dressed || Earrings - Nordstrom || Belts - Asos and Via Spiga || Necklace - Nordstrom

I wanted this dress from the very first time I set my eyes on it even though its been quite popular with bloggers and has been styled in a number of ways. The reason I wanted it was two fold, the first reason obviously is because its a very pretty dress and would be appropriate for a number of occasions à la church, Friday dress down at work, parties....do you feel me? 

But secondly and most importantly I plan to use it as one of  my go-to dresses on days I need to wear something tradition-al looking for traditional weddings, Aha! you can't miss its striking resemblance to Ankara fabric. Could it have been inspired by African prints aka Ankara?

You see, I have a peculiar problem, maybe its not just me but if you can relate please drop a line in the comment box :), I do not have any decent native attire! seriously, how can I, a Niaja girl, born and breed + living in Niaja not have any natives? hard to believe. 

I have obviously not been lucky with tailors because I'm sure there are a lot of great tailors out there going by the number of beautiful attires I see on people. But with me, either the tailoring is poorly finished, the outfit doesn't fit quite well or I have to chase them around for weeks to get my outfit finished for an event and to be honest I do not have the time, patience or even money to be wasted on outfits that would not turn out right.

Recently, a dear friend introduced me to a new tailor/ designer and I'm quite excited to see how she would execute my outfit ideas. So far she has been very professional and seemed like she understood my ideas, fingers crossed this might just be the ONE :).

So dear friends, until my new tailor delivers, this dress that has been tried and is trusted would be my go-to native attire, especially when the colour of the day is green, Ooh gosh! I will just knack one badass! gold or powder blue gele to  match, weddings here I come!

If you like this dress and would like to order it, Please visit   the SHOP

Catch you  later!

Enjoy the rest of your week.

October 11, 2013

Dressed 30 Ways 30 Days - Day 15

What I'm wearing -  Dress  - Available @ Dressed| | Shoes  - Both shoes are available @ Dressed || Earrings -Available @ Dressed 

Hello world! hope you are doing great? Todays outfit is an optical illusion dress paired first with a fab Ed Hardy cut-out booties and then with  lovely sandals. The great thing about this kind of dresses is that the cleverly cut side panels helps give a remarkable slimming effect. So ladies if you want that instant weight loss effect this is the kind of silhouette you should target.

Having my sisters help with this 30days shoot has taken off some major pressure off me as well as helping me to hone my photography skills, check out these photos mehn! hehehe,  Bless them! Now seriously, I have new found respect for bloggers who do daily outfit posts, How do they do it?

I am quite excited that we are halfway through the 30 days series, I feels like its been going on forever lol! visit the Shop for details of previous outfits and how to place your orders.

Have a fab weekend!

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