April 26, 2013

Work It Girl!!! Olatundun Sanusi


Professional and  Social Activist

1. Interests: 

Music and fashion

2. How would you describe your style:
Simple, Classic and fabulous

3. What inspires your daily choice of clothes:
My mood and the occasion

4. What's  your wardrobe essential:
A pair of skinny jeans and a good bag

5. Can't leave the house without: 
Phone and Lip conditioner

6. Currently obsessed with: 
I just try to keep up with trends and dress to suit my body
7. Style Insider tip: 

Always wear what works best for your figure and look simple and classic
There you have it guys our first fashionista on ' work it girl', Hope you like it and got inspired by her outfits, don't forget to  leave a comment below and send me an email if you would like to be featured in the series.

Have a fab weekend!


April 17, 2013

Work It Girl !!! Polka Dot Peplum

Hello world, hope you are all doing well. I'm  quite excited doing this post because its the first post for an idea  I have been fiddling with. 

I think its a theme I would really enjoy adding to the blog to spice things up a tad, especially seeing that the numbers have been going up lately  ** doing the Tyra smize**.  Thank you for all the support from my ever faithful oldies and all the new visitors to the blog, appreciate it!!!

Its quite encouraging to see comments, yeah the numbers of visitors might be steadily rising BUT the comments gives one a totally new high, so please keep it coming!

So this is what I intend to do, start a new series on  formal / work wear inspired outfit post, It would show the kind of outfit that your average corporate fashionistas like to wear to work. It would feature both yours faithfully and corporate ladies (when I can get them), sharing outfit ideas for work and  talking about their style.

This is the first edition, hope you like it........

What I am wearing  - Skirt: Asos (similar available at the store in limited qty, mine is out of stock) ||  Top: Dorothy Perkins ||  Necklace : Old || Shoes : Fergalicious (available @ Dressed || Belt : Forever 21

Do I see insane biceps forming? Mrs Obama's arms in the making.

I'd also like to encourage you all to send me an email if you would like to be featured in this series, hope  to hear from you.

Have a fab week!


April 15, 2013

Button-up shirt dress

Hello world,  how are you doing? Today I'm doing a style post on a trend that was quite popular last season and still trending this season, the ' Button up'. I have had this dress for a couple of months now and it was one of my go to dresses while I was preggo and on days I wasn't feeling particularly slim. As you can see it's très chic  and still quite useful when paired with a belt.

Been dying to do a shoot with it. So here we go.....

What I am wearing : Dress - Calvin Klein  || Necklace - Nordstrom || Belt - Forever 21 || Shoes - Ninewest  || Sunnies - Ferragamo || Purse - Asos ( Available @ Dressed )
 I think i'm getting good with my poses, a la 'Blogger's pose' lol!, apologies for the blurred bit still working on my photo editing skills.

Have a great week ahead!


April 04, 2013

Dotty Playsuit

Hello world! Hope April is starting on a good note for you all. Today is one of those days I really don't feel up to writing anything so I would just go ahead and do the outfit post and hope it inspires you.

What I am wearing - Playsuit and tank top River Island ||   Purse and Sunnies - Aldo (Purse available @ Dressed

Insanity update, I'm still going strong, I have added several workout programs to my routine so I don't get bored. On a weekly basis I would do Insanity, Taebo, Zumba and Windsor Pilates. 

I also find that the weight is coming off a lot slower than it was initially and that can be a drag but it's still not making me give up. Another thing I have also started taking seriously is my portions, by this I mean measuring and tracking everything that goes into my mouth. I have been able to do this successfully with this great website called Sparkpeople, its great for tracking all food nutrients not just calories and you can find practically every meal known to man on this website or at least something close. 

Using sparkpeople has made me realise I wasn't taking enough protein which can be counter productive if you are working out as much as I am,   because what happens is you body begins to literally eat up your muscles and you begin to lose muscle mass rather than fat which is a bad thing because building lean muscles helps keep you toned and stay slim. So to help increase my protein intake I increased my intake of pulses especially beans, lean chicken and beef, cheese and I also take about  30-60g of whey protein after each work out session.

Overall I'm still feeling great and highly motivated, no plans to stop anytime soon. I workout most days and I frankly feel my body has adjusted to eating smaller portions because I do not feel as ravenous as I used to when I first started the program even though I'm eating  smaller portions.

Have a fab weekend!

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