April 21, 2012

Body Beautiful

Recently, I saw an article on the true size of famous women and it got me thinking....why do we go through so much trouble to be a certain size, when  the celebrities that we all idolize and aspire to look like are not all size zero?.

Funny thing is sizes of beautiful famous women  are not so far off from most young women I know, which in my opinion makes these celebs quite relate-able yet I find that these beautiful ladies around me constantly obsessing and worrying about their weight and size,.....hmmm! including me *covers face in shame*.

 I am one of the big culprits in this vicious cycle of trying to maintain a certain weight/ size.  For as far back as my early teens I have struggled with my weight and in doing so have tried every diet and fitness regime I know, inspite of  all the efforts at my smallest I was a size 6/8 , so I know I can never be skinny.

The truth is, it even gets more difficult to shed the weight as one gets older and starts having kids, so why can't we all just live a healthy happy life and embrace whatever size we find ourselves?

Not every woman would be stick thin, some of us like to carry some extra weight where it matters most **coughs** and why not?
We can all truly look fabulous no matter the size we find ourselves as long as we dress to flatter our figure as these women show us.

Christina Hendricks 
Remember her from my Madmen post? She was rumored to have found it almost impossible to find a size 10 dress for the Emmys until Zac Posen came to her rescue. This bombshell red hair embraces her luscious size 10 full figure in the most divine ways possible. Hendricks told Marie Claire " Instead of trying to downplay your curves, find a designer or style that glorifies them".

Jennifer Lopez
This curvaceous diva says she's been a size 6 for the past decade and attributes her fit physique to working out with a trainer 3times a week and never over indulging! hmmm!.

Marilyn Monroe

Ms Monroe was the classic hourglass of the 60's and she is credited with making it the 

universal symbol of femininity and sexuality. Her body ratio 36-23-35 and she was a size 8.

Serena Williams

This 5'9" tennis superstar wears a size 10/12 and is considered to be super-fit, so ladies its 

not always about the dress size.

Though she has noticeably gone down from her 2009 size16, she still remains a full figured beauty that doesn't want people missing the fact that she's all about the music. The Grammy winner has said she's never had a problem with the way she looks and " would rather have lunch with friends than go to the gym.

Ms Bootylicious with body ratio 33-26-38, was size 6 pre-pregnancy, knowing how these celeb snap back to pre-pregnancy weight in no time I am sure she's already back to a 6. She recently told Daily mail " I feel best when i'm not thin - when i'm still curvy"

Tyra Banks 
Ms Banks famously told the paps to "kiss her fat ass" in 2007, when she revealed that her weight had gone up to 162lb/75kg since quitting modelling. 

Posing next to a life size cut out of the paps scandal photo on her show.
Seriously who can deny that this lady is just fab the way she is.

Khloe Kardashian

This hip fashionista embraces her hips and booties in all its size 8 glory.

Jessica Simpson
Her pre-pregnancy size was a 6/8, and she is 5'2", fingers crossed would see how fast she gets back to size pre-pregnancy.

Stay healthy and beautiful!


Credit: ivillage, Glamour, Elle
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