November 06, 2012


Hi everyone, hope you all doing well? Today  I'm going to be talking about the fashion trends that I'm loving at the moment. Some of them are actually a spill over from last season, which gives an indication of how much people are loving these trends.

Hats have made a come back this season and they come in all shapes and sizes. I personally favour the Fedora especially in the colour red. I also love the Cloche for its feminine elegance.

Beyonce wearing a Fedora


Baroque clothing and accessories are a huge trend this season, I love the drama that this highly ornate style brings to an outfit. This trend is full-on luxury and dispel any indication of the prevalent economic downturn. Some elements of this trend include rich embroidery, rich fabrics like velvet and silk brocade, ornate patterns on fabric, gold embellishments and threads, jeweled handbags or headbands and printed silk dresses and scarves.

This traditionally Scottish pattern makes its way into this seasons fashion but unlike the red and brown heavy fabric checks of the Scott  this season's tartan comes in a foray of colours and fabrics. I have been seeing a lot of plaid printed sheers and see through tartan and can't wait to get my hands on one of these, a plaid penciled skirt is also on my wish list this season, wink...wink.

Ciara in plaids

Serena Williams

how cool is this sheer plaid?

This trend still continues to grow strong this season, the peplum this season have moved beyond the skirts, the peplums are attached to dresses, jackets and even suits, sweet!

Coloured Denim
Coloured denim trend still makes a come back this season but with mostly colours in earth tones, purple and reds.

Textured Sleeves
The key thing about this trend is the sleeves of the outfit is of a different and heavier material, i'm still trying to wrap my head around this, the trend is also called gorrilla arms. :)

All things studded and Spiky 
This trend channels your inner rock chick, this look from last season seem to be going no where, very edgy yet chic. 

Pointy toe Pump
The pointy toe pump  is one on-trend shoe of the season you want to rock, this season style is slender, elegant and not too high or chunky. Some come with a variation where the pointy part of the shoe is in shiny material. The trick here is to keep the shape clean, simple and elegant.

This trend has given way to the turban which was quite popular last season, with this trend stick to any variation that works for you, really.

The hardcase handbag
These luggage style handbag seem to be the new 'it' bag for this season. these bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes, the vintage ones are to die for.

The colour white is a classic for me, i love the fresh, cleanliness of the colour white.This season, the white is a variation of shades within this colour family, from creamy to rich bright whites. I'm loving pairing whites with gold in keeping up with the affluent theme of the season.

The colour red is also another key colour for the season, as with whites, the reds come in a variety of shades, from fruity tangerine to deep rich burgundy  Whatever shade you choose you are sure to make a bold statement because the colour red can be quite intense.

US elections

Its an election year for my US visitors, whatever you do today  make sure voting is top on your list. Personally I view the US elections like 'world election' because the results have such far reaching implications that is felt both locally and globally.

Have a great week ahead!


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