August 28, 2014

7 Ways To Stay 9-5 Chic

Hi guys! How have you all been? Good I hope :). So,  this past week I worked on a post about infusing fashion trends into work clothes using some items we have in stock at the store. This doesn’t really sound like space science but when you have to navigate the road blocks of cooperate dress codes it can be a bit of a challenge. I appreciate that some of these pieces would probably still not fly within some corporate settings, thanks to strict dress code restrictions. The way around these restrictions is to rely on textures and detailing. Take this as a guide to help you strike the balance between professional and trendy.
Trend 1: #Stripes
Rather than go for your trusty pinstripe pants, consider investing in a tailored striped jacket. A great pinstriped jacket paired with a bright coloured separate can add some flair to your regular suit style.

Trend 2: # Printed Pants

While this may be off limits in some organisations, where it is allowed, consider a nicely tailored printed pant preferably in a muted colour scheme. This is a great look to spot for dress down Fridays.

Trend 3: #Lace
Though lace might not look appropriate for work, but in the forms of tops and camisole they can add more versatility to your work look.

Trend 4: #Polka Dots
Polka dots are considered classic prints and as such are never really out of fashion, a great way to wear this trend is to wear as a dress while keeping accessories to the minimal. Consider throwing on a blazer or a cardigan over a polka dot dress to tone it down if this is considered too loud at your work place.

Trend 5: #Pinafore Dress
This is a great way to give your wardrobe extra millage and make your looks more versatile. It also a great trick to wear sleeveless dresses that might ordinarily not be office appropriate.

Trend 6: #Peplums
Peplums are great for enhancing the female form while hiding everything you want hidden. It’s a silhouette that is very forgiving while being figure flattering and trendy.

The way to pull off this trend at the work place is to stick within the same colour family. A dark blue blazer with a sky blue blouse and an indigo skirt would keep you looking trendy and within 9-5 dress codes.

This is my 2kobo on working trends into professional clothing, what is yours?

Catch you here soon :).

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