February 26, 2013

What I Like About Fashion Week AW 2013-2014

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be doing style posts showing everything I like so far at the fashion week shows. It would feature looks and elements I like with regards to attendees, style bloggers and celebrities from New York fashion week, London Fashion week, the ongoing Milan Fashion week and Paris hopefully.

Let's just say its my own mini 'Pin Interest' for fashion week, all pieces are totally covetable and If I could, I would definitely raid these peoples' closets or studio as the case may be.

Emporio Armani 
This collection makes me want to wear a shift satin dress in a pastel colour and a cloche hat, Its 20's, retro and chic. I love that the shoes and purses are in matching hues.

Alberta Ferretti 

Alberta Ferretti 

Carolina Herrera 
 Carolina Herrera is one designer that consistently does fabulously tailored upper class look like no other, you almost can tell its her designs.
Alberta Ferretti 


 How grand is this look from D&G, they totally went all out with the opulence theme of the season, I also like the way he blends in elements of faith with  photos of saints on very richly ornamental fabric in his collection
Emporio Armani
 Yay! Dandy
I'm having a shoegasm...lol!
Ralph Lauren



Ralph Lauren
Preppy to Parisian chic and everything in between, love the little beret.

Nicky Hilton

Rachel Zoe

Red Valentino

She adds dashes of bold bright colour to what would have just been a typical all black outfit, this makes the whole look just pop for me.
Coco Rocha

I love how this look  embodies both formal and informal components, It looks smart and business formal on top and pow!!! below is so party and sexy in a very elegant way.

Emilio Pucci
I'm a sucker for rich ornamental fabrics lately...no?
Emilio Pucci
Who doesn't want these thigh high suede boots?

This optical illusion dress  would make one look slimmer and draw the eyes to the mid riff.....that is if you had the mid riff to go bare belly in the first place, I like it all the same.

Where did she get that blouse?

I hope my thighs would be rippling like hers when I'm done with insanity.

Just Cavalli

Just Cavalli

Matchy colours done right, she totally rocks it.
Just Cavalli

How cool that block heels are coming back?
Karolina Kurkova
Now, that's a very bold look, playsuit with stripes running from top to bottom and matched with white bag, purse and pumps yet it's all tied in nicely.


She makes me want to get a white pump..
Red Valentino

I hope they inspired you as well!


Have a great week ahead!

February 14, 2013

Very Valentine

Hello lovely people of the world, hope you are all having a mushy, romantic Valentine's day and spreading the message of love and happiness to those around you.

I think its refreshing that one day is set aside away from all the negative happenings around us to just think about love.  Even if on that day we don't get a gift, romantic dinner or whatever, its nice to know that for one day in a year the focus is on love and loving.

This week I decided to switch things up a bit with my workout and started doing Taebo, cool thing was, I did the 51mins of the advance taebo that used to kick my butt and didn't feel like I had exerted myself too much, how cool is that!

Overall I am beginning to look more like this......

But feeling more like this......

Fierceness right? Absolutely how I feel

What I am wearing : Dress - Calvin Klein  ||  Necklace - JcPenny ||  Shoes - Sam Edelman

Post done, now let's see what hubster has in store...

Happy St Valentine's Day All!!!

February 06, 2013


Hello lovely people of the world, how is February treating you? I'm a tad excited writing this post because Nigeria is whopping Mali as I write in the ongoing African cup of nations.....wop!!! ...wop!!!. Its looking like we are going through to the finals at the moment, hope lady luck continues to smile on us.

My insanity workout is going great! so far I have lost about 3kg and a lot of inches from all over! I'm really happy with the results. Its not very evident in this outfit but my clothes are already fitting quite loosely.

Outfit: Dress- Dillards || Shoes - Ninewest(old) || Jacket - Ralph Lauren || necklace - Nordstrom ||Purse - tjmaxx

I do not have  Mrs Obama's biceps yet....but hopefully very ...very soon, I have  made some small changes to my diet, My portions are smaller,  I eat mainly whole grains ( this is key for my weight loss because I have a certain love affair with bread and rice). 

I  take loads of fruits and veggies, I have also cut out mayo completely  and use oil and vinegar for my salads and sandwiches  and finally I take loads of green tea for detox.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great week ahead!

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