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Shirt is Available Here

Dress is sold out

Jacket and Pants are Sold out

Dress is Available Here

Jacket, tank and printed skirt are available

All items sold out

All items are sold out

Dress is sold out

Dress is Sold Out

Top and Pant are available

Dress is Available here

All items are sold out

All items are  sold out

Top is Available here //  Pants and belt are sold out

Romper is sold out

Dress is sold-out

All items are  sold out

All items are  sold out

Dress is Available Here

Dress is Available

Dress is sold-out and pumps is Available here

Dress is available  and Sandals are sold out
Dress is Sold Out
Dress is Sold Out
Pump is Available here

Dress is sold-out

Top is sold out || Skirt is sold-out ||  sandals is sold out

Dress, Necklace and Sandals are Sold Out

Dress is Available Here and Pumps are sold out
Dress is Sold Out

Dress is sold out ||  Pumps is Available Here

Sandals sold out
All items are  sold out
Dress is Available here

All items  are Available here

All items  are sold out

All items  are sold out

All items  are sold out

Sandals are available

Sold Out||  top is sold out 

Dress - Available Here

Dress - Sold Out

Earrings and necklace are sold out

All items are soldout

Shirt Available Here
All items are sold out

Earrings - sold out
All items are - sold out

Necklace - sold out

All items are -  sold out

All items are - sold out

Jacket - sold out|| Top - sold out || Flats - sold out

All items are -sold out

Dress is sold out

Available here

Dress - Available

Dress is sold out

Dress is sold out  || Purse is  available

Dress is sold out ||  Necklace are available

All items are  - Sold out

All Items are - Sold out  

Dress - sold out || Necklace is available
Jumpsuit(Sold out) pumps =sold out

Dress- sold out || Necklace - sold out || Pumps -  sold out
Dress - Sold  Out  || Earrings are available


  1. impressive Bose, nice making a move and realizing your dream. Remember Stay foolish and hungry.......lovely outfits by the way!! Iyior

  2. Keep on keeping on..Zizi. Love your style..


  3. Lovely outfits you have got, please where is your shop located and how can on place order for any of the outfit.

    1. Thanks! We are located at Maryland Lagos. Call the number above for further enquires.

  4. U need 2 have prices attached.tht way I can introduce more ppl,

    1. Hi Anonymous 07:10, please call 07033675432, email or BB pin 280739CA to get details of any items you are interested in and you can give out our blog address to introduce more people. thank you.

  5. Hi Ngozi M, I have to agree with the last comment, it would help enormously if prices and possibly size available were listed....yes you say call or email etc but honestly that's really a chore...Your pieces are nice...but to have to call is really an unnecessary extra step,,,,,So are the items listed as available still available, since this was written 2013 how can we find out without calling....????

    1. Hi! many thanks for the feedback. We are currently working on an easier way of getting all required information that will guide your purchases. This should be up and running soon. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that you may be experiencing. At the moment, all items listed as available are in stock, though in limited quantity. While we understand your challenge, we like to encourage our "first timers" to pay us a visit so that we can provide them with our personalized styling service and get to understand their style preference better.

  6. Hello, it's my first time here, luv the clothes. i would like to k now if the dress worn by the lady in the 22nd pix is still available. then, i live in Abuja, do u delivery in Abuja and hw much does the dress cost

    1. Hello! Sorry for the late response, we just discovered that some comments including yours had been sent to our spam box. yes, that dress is still available though in limited quantity, can you please email or call 07033675432 to confirm availability in your size, price and arrangement for delivery to Abuja. thanks.


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