July 28, 2014

What To Wear With - Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are very functional piece that can be styled in a multitudes of ways. Some of my favourite things about jumpsuits  are - They can be worn by themselves without having to worry about what to pair them with and you still turn out looking great. They create a slimming silhouette, typically jumpsuits have the same print over the full length of the piece, this helps to create the illusion of length therefore making one look a tad slimmer. And of course the fact that they can go from just a casual look worn hanging out with friends to a glam look for a swanky evening gig makes them an absolute wardrobe must have.

Some of the ways I like to style my jumpsuits  are -  To pair with belts to create a slimmer waist, heels for even more lengthening effect, accessories because they add the extra Oomph! to any outfit  and.....

1. Pair with a Jacket / Blazer
Jackets help to give a nice structured look to jumpsuits ( This works especially great with printed jumpsuits), the contrast of a casual piece against the solid silhouette of the jacket gives an elegant look that is perfect for business casual or a transition from work to an evening out.

2. Pair With A Button-Up Blouse
A short sleeved smart button-up blouse, buttoned to the top and tucked neatly underneath a jumpsuit  is another way to style a jumpsuit. This works really well with solid coloured jumpsuits, and would make a welcomed change to a work wardrobe if your organisation is not big on strict formal looks, or  simply wear it for dress down Fridays!

Sources  Here and Here

3. Let The Jumpsuit Be The Star
You can simply wear it on its own, afterall ain't they supposed to be a one piece that solves the problem of what to pair what with? If this is the route you choose to go then think about the event and the  type of look you are going for. For a casual vibe pair with flats and minimalist accessories and for a glam event you can consider statement jelweries and heels.  

What I'm wearing -  Jumpsuit  - City Triangles (Get it  here)    || Jacket   - Saks Fifth Avenue ( Get it here)|| Sandals  -  Guess||  Belt -  Asos  || Necklace  - Nordstrom

So tell me,  How do like to style your jumpsuits? please share in the comment box.

Catch You Later!

July 16, 2014

Prints and Stripes

Hiya! Hope you all doing great? In today's post I'm mixing two diffrent prints in what could be termed a smart causual/ business casual outfit. You all know how mixing prints was a massive trend last season and the season before. Well I'm not one to follow every trend but  I quite like the way outfit pop when diffrent types of prints are mixed, usually when done in a subtle way.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when mixing different prints

1.    Mix large or bold prints with smaller ones to counterbalance the effect.

2.   Be sure to use colours that complement each other.

3.   Throw in neutral item to break up the look, a good way to do this is with your  accessories.

What I'm wearing -  Jacket - Zara  || Shirt   - Jones New York  ( Get similar  here)|| Pumps  -  Via Spiga ( Get similar  here||  Skirt - Monacco (Get it  here)  || Brooch  - Nordstrom

Happy Mixing!

I was featured recently, by the lovely Kim of DarkChildLoveThyHair, She has an awesome naural hair blog, do check it out.

Catch You Soon.

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