September 10, 2015

A Silk Shirt And Being a Fashion Buyer

What I'm wearing   - Shirt -  Altuzarra  ||  Pants  -  Ann Taylor || Shoes - Isaac Mizrahi 

I don’t open my wardrobe and outfits jump at me. I think, and build them as they cross my mind.  A lot of times a properly thought out outfit changes just at the point of execution, and this happens a lot. I believe for the most part, this switch is dictated at a subconscious level by my mood. That is the story of this outfit.  This is one of my haul from the Altuzarra collection with Target last September. Unfortunately this particular shirt and most of the pieces are sold out but you can still get a few styles from the collection at the store.

 I love it when a buying decision goes right. That doesn’t happen every time in my line of work.  Sometimes you are 110% sure an item would sell out fast. You buy it, and then wait and wait and wait some more for it to sell out. Meanwhile, you are absolutely nuts about this piece. A friend once said I had a weird fashion taste, ha! me keh! weird fashion? No way! I retorted, Impossicant!  I said.

I realize I have drifted back, forth and sometimes-off tangent in today’s posts, but this is how my thought is flowing at this moment. I read in some article that when writing the human brain works like broken electrical current, it’s not a smooth flow most times. The writer’s job is to grab whatever your subconscious is trying to dump on your pages, and not to try making sense of it at first. You can then create order from the mumbo-jumbo charges the brain cells give off as you go along. I don’t know if this is true, but it has certainty helped me to snap out of my hiatus.

Back to the story of buying, getting older and coming into myself, made me realize that, it’s more a case of having a different perspective or angle if you will about fashion and what is beautiful generally. With that knowledge in mind, I try to bring myself out of most buying decisions. Because at the end of the day, whatever my personal opinion may be about fashion, the books most tell a good story. Fortunately, most times your customer would tell you exactly what they want, It’s left for you to listen.

Thank you for always reading.


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