July 09, 2015

Cocoon Dress

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There are times that I fall completely and utterly in love with a garment at first sight, such is the case with this dress. The relaxed silhouette, cotton rich linen fabric and retro prints have a quirky effortless vibe that make it rather interesting.  It is one of those pieces that is so easy to wear,  yet stylish.  It's loose cocoon silhouette means I do not have to “suck belly” which is always a good thing. Though loose fitting, there's a bit of structure to it,  which in addition to its just-above-the-knee length keep it looking smart. Did I mention the dress has pockets too? Bingo!

My senses went on overdrive from the day I ordered it until I received it, hubby couldn’t understand what the excitement was about.  Isn’t it crazy how the very little things that are seemingly inconsequential can have such far reaching effect?  You know what they say, “ When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good you do good” Now look who's back doing some good on the blog.

How have you been doing lately? Thank you for always reading.


  1. Wow, lovely dress. I love your make up.

  2. I have this dress in maroon but long sleeve. So it's cocoon dress? Torr.

    1. Hi Amaka!
      I'm not aware that it came in maroon and long sleeves. I'm wearing a Fever London one and it's called the Coccon dress :). Thank you for stopping by.

    2. Now I'm confused.com
      Is it not the shape of the dress that the cocoon is culled from? I actually googled "cocoon dress" and saw this shape in different colours.
      Anyways, I'm learning.

    3. Hi! yes the shape is the reason for the name :).

  3. Lovely outfit,especially the bright red shoes and I love the natural hair

  4. lovely dress will it look good on a fatty like me? I wonder? Where did you buy it from? I think one would help me. I am forever sucking it in!!

    1. Hi dear, trust me its the perfect dress to hide everything you want to hide yet it manages to still look fab. I truly love this dress :). here's the link to where you can get it and have it delivered anywhere in Nigeria.



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