January 25, 2013


Hi everyone, Happy new year!!!! Its my first post for the year and I'm not going to give any excuses, I am truly sorry for the lack of posts so far and would like to thank you all for coming around to the blog even though I fall short of by bloggers responsibility......yes you! thank you...thank you! 

After all my body went through last year #childbirth and #Christmas over indulgence the later being the main culprit, I have resolved to start this year on a clean slate by going on one of my numerous crazy weight loss  missions. This time I'm doing the 'Insanity weight loss program'....... drum roll!. I have chosen Insanity simply because given the amount of weight I need to be rid of, only a crazy hardcore program like insanity would probably deliver.

What I am wearing : Tank Dress-Forever 21|| Arm candy- Kohls

As part of my journal to show my progress, these photos would be my 'Before' photos, and I'm seriously hoping there would be an 'After' very very soon fingers crossed, Mrs Obama watch the arms, you've got competition. 
By the way I think she killed it with the Thom Brown Jacket and J.Crew gloves she wore for the inauguration, that was all I saw and heard through out the ceremony.

Michelle Obama in Thom Brown for Inauguration 2013
Part of my strategy for success is to let as many people that care to listen know that I'm on a mission to lose some weight so that they can remind me when I overindulge or just generally keep tabs on me. 

So far that's working with my bbm friends, I have people checking in regularly to find out how the program is going, which in it self is motivating so I cannot afford to fall my hand.

I feel like this post is already too long and getting boring so I would stop right here with a promise to be more frequent with my post this year.

 Wish me luck! the workout is not for the faint-hearted, **shivers**


  1. Welcome back dressed we missed you. Can't wait to see you pics after your insanity program. All the best dearie. Love your dress.

  2. Thank you so much for showing this blog so much love! appreciate it!

  3. welcome back dear. cant wait to see the after pix. pls make sure the after pix are in swimsuit oh.lol

    1. @ desperatehousewife lol! thanks for stopping by


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