October 22, 2011

Food I Love - Apple Tuna Sandwich

That's how I like my tea or coffee, massive cup

One of my favourite thing to eat for breakfast these days is the Apple Tuna Sandwich, I like it because it is simple with no frills,  easy to make, packed with nutrients and super tasty.

I got the recipe from my chef friend, Uche of the popular 'Uche can cook', I have since adapted it to suit my preference and its a winner any day.

These are the Ingredients you would need to make 3 large sandwiches

2 med sized Apple
3 large fresh Tomato
12 slices of Bread ( you can use wholewheat if you like)
A bunch of fresh Lettuce
A can of Tuna in oil
A can of sweetcorn (Optional)
      black pepper 
          1. Peel and slice apples thinly
          2. Drain off oil from tuna add the apples and a pinch of pepper, mayo and sweet corn
    3. Spread a layer of the Mayo apple on plain bread

         4. Add another layer of lettuce and tomato
         5. Then a final layer of  apple tuna 
         6.brown both sides of sandwich in a pan with very little butter and cut across 

            So the 3 layers would be

A.      Tuna and apple and sweetcorn
B.      Lettuce and tomatoes
C.      Tuna and apple and sweetcorn

uche's is prettier than this lol!

As simple as it looks, it can be cut into tiny cocktail sizes and held together with cocktail sticks or put in a press and served as finger food or an appetizer and it would make a big impression because it is tre delicious.

Recent Addition:  The photos below were added after this post, they look a lot prettier, I have just 2 layers in the photos and it was done with whole wheat bread because I have since gone on a diet. Hope you like the it?

Tried it?  let me know what you did differently and how it came out.

Have a great weekend



  1. i love love sandwiches.permission to try this out and show u my version?

  2. @ dhw Permission granted on condition that i get some, wink... wink


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