March 19, 2014

That French..... 'Je Ne Sais Quoi'

Over the course of the fashion week events across the various continents, I have keenly perused street style photos and I must say, the street style photos from the Paris fashion week totally stand out for me. 
The French have been historically known for great style and grace, which in my opinion is absolutely not debatable as this is my blog...haha! C'mon guys its a democracy, what's your take?  
On a second thought, maybe its actually debatable. Maybe, could it just be that, because the French believe in themselves and give off such confidence about their looks and fashion sensibilities, it shines through and forces the rest of the world to accept them as the most stylish nation? You know what they say about beauty shinning through when one is comfortable in ones skin?

The French embrace their individuality and femininity, and it shows in the way they style their outfits to emphasize these. They also understand how good quality and fit contributes to the complete aura that one projects with an outfits. Very stylish and beyond, French women have come to perfectly master the act of effortless chic even in jeans!

While the rest of the world is inundated with following trends and in some cases going over board with their fashion aesthetics . The French remain loyal to the styles and color that suits them. They seem to always manage to make simple, minimalistic yet classic piece for the most part, look stylish, graceful and always timeless.
Enough said, here's a lesson in style from some of my favorite looks straight off the streets of Paris.

Trend Alert: Full midi skirt

Trend Alert: color blocked bag
Russian It girl Duma Miroslava consistently gives major style joy,  can't get enough of this woman, her style is epic!
Trend Alert: Thigh high boots

Trend Alert: Minimalist Clutch Bag
Trend Alert: Turtle necks

Trend Alert: Oversized envelop clutch and Crop Top
Trend Alert: Wide legged pants
Trend Alert: The Colour yellow is hot right now, a remainder of  summer.

Trend Alert: Chic shirt dress with classic collar

Trend Alert: Mirrored lenses
A breath of fresh air, everything perfect! I could do with that beret in exactly that color
Trend Alert: Midi length skirt is still going strong, I love how she keeps the palette clean and then pow¡ with iricidence green purse
Trend Alert: Culottes and chained cross-body clutch
Trend Alert: Crop top and full midi skirt

Trend Alert: Sport Inspired looks. Those shoes though!

Trend alert: More mirrored lenses and coloured lenses

Trend Alert: White Framed sunnies

Trend Alert: All things Black and white

Trend Alert: Collapsible Clutch

Trend Alert: Pastel Pink; Pastel hues are hot right now, think powder blue, pale mint green

Trend alert: The Pink coat, mirrored lens. Great suit and bag too!

Trend Alert: Mules! great mules, this is very hot right now. Love this photo.

Trend Alert: Mirrored lens; Bubble gum pink suit still going strong, and statement pumps.

Trend Alert: Full Midi skirt,  Spring Florals, Crop top, metallic pumps and vivid coloured clutch

Trend Alert: Mini shoulder bag

Trend Alert: Gladiators are a major trend right now.!

Trend Alert: Patch work denims

Trend Alert: Beanie and High shine luxe fabric

I'm aware that some of these ladies/men are not even French. For some reason, everyone seem to pull off major fashion when in Paris; talk about the French style bug. I do think the street styles from Paris Fashion week was absolutely divine! but then everyone is entitled to an opinion, lets hear yours.

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  1. Love all the pictures!! Very inspiring, thank you for your sweet comment
    a beautiful maison

  2. Lovely compilation all of them :-)

  3. Keeping tabs on the trend. Lovely imaages.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yes hun, keeping tab is part of the biz, :).

  4. well chosen. I love most of the looks

  5. great selection of street style photos from Paris Fashion week!
    Chiara - SPRING GIVEAWAY pls join! ;)

  6. what really struck me about most of the outfits is the structure and detailing-almost as if some architect designed each outfit! the first 3 or 4 looks were really beautiful.

    1. True, they say the devil is in the details, I love when an outfit doesn't just look good but the all important details are taken into consideration

  7. The French are doing the trends just like every other nation. They just seem to be a bit more creative with their styling. Love the first image.

    1. True...perhaps its this creativity that sets them apart?


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