August 23, 2013

Wedding Saturday - Bunmi and Dare

Banky W doing his thing

Kola and Wifey

Bunmi and her father
The Bridesmaids

Muyiwa and Chinenye

Bisi  and friends

Chinenye , Chukwuka and I

Yay! She caught the bouquet

The hubs and I


Toke Makinwa

Gorgeous Cake
Mummy G

Chukwuka and the hubs 
Morinsola, Deji and a Friend

These are a few photos from a friends wedding I attended recently, It was a beautiful...beautiful event.The ambiance was fabulous, food was good and the guests were uber chic, It was a lot of fun like most Nigerian weddings are noted for. Have you noticed how weddings these days go on until much later in the evenings and actually turn into full blown parties? A couple of weddings I have attended this year have been like that, and I must say I actually prefer it, it saves the couple the hassle of having a separate after party because the whole event is merged into one and continues late into the evening and it affords the guests the much needed opportunity to unwind, mingle and have full blown unadulterated fun!

Wishing the couple God's many blessing as they embark on this wonderful journey! Thanks Bunmi, your wedding was super beautiful!

Have a Fab Weekend Ahead!


  1. Very colourful. Wishing the couple happy married life. we are waiting to see the honeymoon pictures o!

  2. That's how most weddings are done in the States - start in the late afternoon, and dance into the night. I still get freaked out here when a wedding reception is done at 5pm, lol.

    What'd you do with your hair?

    1. Babes the hair was in a confused state on that day, couldn't decide what it wanted be :). That was the result of a braid out o!

  3. This looks like so much fun!!1 That cake is GORG!!! :)

  4. babes, this was a rocking parry! Where is d next one oh.

  5. Beautiful wedding!
    Beautiful people!

  6. I love weddings. Beautiful


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