October 08, 2011

Wedding Saturday - Omo B and Muyi

Nigeria weddings usually culminates with the white/church wedding on a Saturday, these are some photos I took at my friends white wedding.

 Check here for the traditional wedding.

Wedding ceremonies in Nigeria is a long drawn event that happens in stages and can sometimes take months, the various stages of the events differ from one part of the country to the other.  

The first stage of the whole process in most cases is the introduction of the two families because we believe marriage is a union of two families. The two most important events that are open to everyone is usually the tradition marriage and the white/church wedding.  This is not a lecture on Nigeria wedding just giving the background to the links to the previous post.

Sneaking shoots away from public view, pardon me, I'm stilling building my confidence in taking photos in full public view.

Outfit: dress; Maggy London; shoes: jcpennny

Kid sis Tess, posing for the paps

Tess' shoes and purse

My girl Tundun looking fab as usual

loving yetunde's purse

Tess and a friend

Hubby looking ever dashing, xoxo

The lovely Babalola's

Loving Mrs Babalola's shoes

Me  love Tundun's purse

Yetunde, hubby,and Tundun

The lovely couple

What I am wearing : Dress -  Trina Turk ||  Shoes -  Pour la Victoire ||  Purse -  Aldo ||  Accessories Nordstrom

Tundun being goofy

Hope you all having a fab weekend..



  1. ur dress s lovely, love the color too

  2. Too much enjoyment :)

  3. Cool Dresses, Shoes, Handbags and Hairstyle too !!!

  4. Thank you all for stopping by and actually commenting i really appreciate it.

  5. nice pictures! well done Dressed!

  6. I love learning about Nigerian weddings!!

    Your dress is fabulous and seems like it was a very fashionable crowd! The whole wedding seems very lovely.

    Virginie ♥

  7. Thanks alot sistasista really appreciate it.

    @ Virginie's Cinema i am glad you love Nigerian weddings, they great fun i must tell you,stick to this blog and you would learn more about Nigerian weddings.


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