July 19, 2011

Madmen and 60's fashion

Recently I started watching the 'Mad-Men' DVDs I have had for over a year, I am one of those people that would wait for the complete season to come out on DVD rather than watch the weekly episodes and be tormented.

I must say this series just reawakens my love for vintage fashion, Gosh!!!! I love the sexy, sultry Joan. The ladies had a glamorous 60’s wardrobe of beautiful sheath dresses in bright pastel and rich hues with intricate detailing and the men were not left out too, constantly looking dapper in their well tailored suits and slick hairstyles, you could tell these men were serious about looking good.

The 60's was a period when people were really immaculately dressed up, with gloves, scarves, handbags, hair ornaments, belts, coats, the hats and accessories. The 60’s shape was all about femininity and the hourglass silhouette, and dresses from that period mimicked this shape.

The ladies of the show were voluptuous and sexy just like women should be *laughs*.  Below are 60’s themed fashions and scenes from the show to inspire your inner goddess!

 Just got the last two dresses by Tahari Asl to get my 60's inspired wardrobe going, wink wink!


Photos credits: Fashioninmotion, tvguide, and glamourmagazine


  1. Have always loved 50's, 60's fashion. I think it just screams subtle sexy and class. xoxo

  2. love...love!!! this really really inspires, OMG!!! i need to change my wardrobe.

  3. where can I buy these clothes?


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