January 09, 2014

ModCloth and Dressed

Hello World! Hope you are all doing great. I'm doing fab and already getting into the swing of things for year. One of my goals this year is to stay on track health and fitness wise and part of my strategy is to  catalogue my meals as often as I can, by showing their photos and nutritional content on instagram. To join me in my journey and possibly draw some inspiration in terms of meal ideas and knowing how much calories, fat, carbs and protein you might be consuming daily, then follow @dressed2dnines on instagram.

I was recently contacted by ModCloth to create a look using their 'Grand Tour Top' as part of  a challenge.
The top is a sheer button-up blouse with a simple mandarin collar and slight shoulder ruching. 
I paired the top with a full midi skirt  in maroon to inject some colour, and highlight the tones in the top simply because I'm a colour loving chick. Then I added  a glam belt for some waist cinching action and extra chic factor, the skirt is voluminous and the blouse is slightly loose fitting so this helps to streamline the look. Leopard print T-strap heels for some texture, oversized sunnies and stud earrings in green for more fabulousness. Finally, I added a colourful statement necklace that has almost all the colours in the outfit to tie in the look nicely.  Now, a cute hard case clutch would also be great with this look but I was feeling this bag so much and had to use it. I really love this look and would totally wear this to a glam event as an alternative to a dress. What do you think?

Fash Pack Diva

I was enjoying creating looks with this top so much I went ahead and created 3 more looks. You can do so much more with nuetral coloured pieces such as the top.

Classy work chic

I really wanted to pair the top with a Jacket, but this look would only work if the folded sleeve of the top can fit nicely underneath the jacket.

Work to Play

Finally, a comfy look for lovers of flat shoes, I know I definitely want a hat seeing this look :).

Comfy Chic

What's you favourite looks and what would you do differently? All items used for this post are available at ModCloth, You can have a clearer view of all items on my Polyvore page.

Enjoy the rest of your day, Catch you soon!



  1. Nice...I want the full skirt!


  2. Thank you for stopping by and commenting ladies, Appreciate!

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