January 22, 2014

Work It Girl !!! Crack The Codes

Originally I wanted to wear this dress by itself because the dress looks good on its own,then it occurred to me that the dress on its own would probably not fly with a lot of organisations in Nigeria. The financial industry employs more people than any other industry in the country and they have all these rules about what to wear and what not to wear to work. For most financial institutions, you are not allowed to wear anything without some sort of sleeves, and you can't wear certain colours of clothes and shoes.I had to make today's outfit a bit more work friendly especially for our banker friends,  I got some sleeves :).

Abroad, work dress codes are less stringent, In England in particular, bankers are allowed way more flexibility than their Nigerian counterparts. Now I think its fine to want to maintain a certain level of professionalism, but please can someone educate me on the rationale behind allowing only certain colour clothes, infact just blue, black and brown to be precise for most organisations, certain colour shoes, or even the sleeve/ No sleeve issue? Wouldn't that be stifling employees individuality and creativity in some way? What are you not allowed to wear at your place of work?

I can understand that there has to be some sort of uniformity and brands have to project the right image. And of course they also have to prevent some cray...cray people from coming to work looking like a freak show.... but mehn! Naija work dress code rules are many especially in the financial industry. Do you think a persons outfit affects productivity as some people claim? i.e people are more serious/ focused on working when they are dressed in strict formal clothes.

What I'm wearing -  Top  - Espirit  ( available @ Dressed)|| Dress - Banana Republic ( available @ Dressed)  ||  Pumps  - Via Spiga  (similar available @ Dressed) ||Necklace -  Vince Camuto

I work with a number of clients from the financial Industry and sometimes I get all excited picking out and styling outfits for them and then boom! they deflate me with the codes! This got me thinking about what the ideal dress codes would be in my dream organisation.

My brain went reeling... smart bermudas, printed pants, floral blazers and blazers in every colour known to man! All kinds of skirts.... full, maxi,  and midi  in all colours and prints. Of course the full skirt would be paired with a pastel coloured top my newest colour crave and finally turn-up skinny denim with boyfriend blazers...phew! Now that would be a dream place to work and I bet you the creativity and energy would be palpable. What would you wear to work?



  1. really nice dress!!


  2. the dress is really nice with the inner top or without. nice combo!

  3. Love the colour combo
    So girly

    Check this, you'll like it

  4. Lolling at Nig dress codes. even this dress wouldn't fly where I work because of the colour. sad :(

    1. Seriously! you can't wear this to work? What if you put a black jacket over the dress?

  5. i love the choice of color and the nude shoe capped it all

  6. Very true and real talk but i can understand why, even though i don't buy into it. I was actually working on a post for it similar to this and your point helps a lot. They just find certain dark colors to be more professional and therefore want to keep everyone guarded without the office place looking too over the top...i guess. Hey, once you become your own boss, all that won't matter anymore.

    You my dear, look amazing and i love these colors you have on. Very nice!


    1. True that! cheers to being a boss and never having to wear boring clothes :)
      Thanks for stopping by hun.

  7. I can't imagine working in an organization that has a dress code!!Thankfully I work in a place that allows employees were almost anything.For the most part I wear jeans Monday-Friday sef!

  8. What a great post and cute work look! I had no idea the rules were so rigid in Nigerian banking but you seem to be making it work :)


  9. This dress is so beautiful, and you really nailed the entire ensemble, the neck piece ,the hair. I'm loving it.


  10. Please, i would like to know if this gown is available nd hw much it costs. then do u deliver in Abj?


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