December 09, 2013

Viva Madiba!!! + Vlisco's "Eko For Show"

Hello World! Hope you had a great weekend and you are positively  hyped and ready for the new week. I'm feeling super hyped and positive about this week for a couple reasons, first of all, I  just got back from a successful trip, restocking for the Christmas collection and can't wait to share with you some of the fabulous new additions to the shop. Secondly, I have been in a slight reflective mood since I learnt of Madiba's death, its a reminder of how fleeting life is and how it is very important to stay positive and live a life that is impactful. Obviously we can't all achieve the kind of influence he had, but I believe everyone on earth was created for a purpose and we all have a sphere of influence where we can touch lives positively. I also believe we are co- creators with God of our experience on earth, and we can either choose to glide through life aimlessly or live a productive and impactful life, and everyday we are alive is an opportunity to make this choice.

On to today's post, which is actually long overdue because I attended this event about a month ago. The event was a fashion collaboration between 'Vlisco' the Ankara fabric manufacturer and the designer 'House of Jasmine', to launch Vlisco's 4th quarter collection titled "Eko for Show". It was another opportunity for Vlisco to present yet another fabulous Nigerian talent and showcase some of the creative wonders that can be achieved with the Ankara fabric. Mainly Vlisco's Ankara fabrics were used with accents of silk, satin and lace to create these elegant and contemporary pieces. Here are a few of the Ankara looks I was loving that evening. 
Oyinda Ogunsanwo Creative Director of house of Jasmine, Ankara insets on it!

Eye on the skirt in the middle pix and I love his all animal print outfit!
 I love his pink tee on pink jacket and the loafers

Alright guys, hope you like, catch you soon!


  1. Wow! Nigerian designers do lovely outfits!

  2. These are gorgeous! Can't go wrong with the right designs. Love them. You just have to appreciate the fashion and textile industry! Even with the criticism and challenges it faces. I did a post on a Fashion and Textile charity based in the UK. I don't know if there is a similar setting in Nigeria, would be nice if there is!

    1. Thanks hun! not sure how the Nigeria textile industry compares to that of the UK, would check out your post for some info.


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