February 14, 2013

Very Valentine

Hello lovely people of the world, hope you are all having a mushy, romantic Valentine's day and spreading the message of love and happiness to those around you.

I think its refreshing that one day is set aside away from all the negative happenings around us to just think about love.  Even if on that day we don't get a gift, romantic dinner or whatever, its nice to know that for one day in a year the focus is on love and loving.

This week I decided to switch things up a bit with my workout and started doing Taebo, cool thing was, I did the 51mins of the advance taebo that used to kick my butt and didn't feel like I had exerted myself too much, how cool is that!

Overall I am beginning to look more like this......

But feeling more like this......

Fierceness right? Absolutely how I feel

What I am wearing : Dress - Calvin Klein  ||  Necklace - JcPenny ||  Shoes - Sam Edelman

Post done, now let's see what hubster has in store...

Happy St Valentine's Day All!!!


  1. Go girl!!! You look stunning. Love the dress. LOL @ Michelle O's arms in the making. I need to join you. www.stylefash25.blogspot.com.

  2. @ Stylefash Please by all means join, the more the merrier. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I like the outfit, especially the shoes and the necklace. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by mine too


  4. Love your hair! fun and flirty. your best hairstyle so far.....Me thinks

  5. Ok love your blog, fresh, new and still unspoiled lol! no photo retouching yet...hehehe!!! welcome to blogsphere!

    Love your shoes, necklace, ring, hair.......close up of your accessories would be nice


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