February 06, 2013


Hello lovely people of the world, how is February treating you? I'm a tad excited writing this post because Nigeria is whopping Mali as I write in the ongoing African cup of nations.....wop!!! ...wop!!!. Its looking like we are going through to the finals at the moment, hope lady luck continues to smile on us.

My insanity workout is going great! so far I have lost about 3kg and a lot of inches from all over! I'm really happy with the results. Its not very evident in this outfit but my clothes are already fitting quite loosely.

Outfit: Dress- Dillards || Shoes - Ninewest(old) || Jacket - Ralph Lauren || necklace - Nordstrom ||Purse - tjmaxx

I do not have  Mrs Obama's biceps yet....but hopefully very ...very soon, I have  made some small changes to my diet, My portions are smaller,  I eat mainly whole grains ( this is key for my weight loss because I have a certain love affair with bread and rice). 

I  take loads of fruits and veggies, I have also cut out mayo completely  and use oil and vinegar for my salads and sandwiches  and finally I take loads of green tea for detox.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great week ahead!



  1. congrats girl. insanity is really working. still expecting the bikini pix.

    1. Thanks dear, you will get your photo. lol!


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