October 18, 2013

Dressed 30 Ways 30 Days - Day 18

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Hello world! hope you are having a fab week so far? Being that today is Friday and most people are in a fairly jolly mood in anticipation of the weekend, we decided to showcase an outfit that would further amp the Friday jolliness:).

Showing today's outfit is my sister  Oluchi, the fourth member of team 'Dressed',  haha!. This post would not feel right if I didn't say anything about this virtuous woman, you know how in every family there is an angel? this lady right here is the angel of the pack, and she comes with a wonderful golden heart. Beautiful lady both in and out,  she was the one behind the camera in all my feature post for this series, I can't just give her enough credit for all the support.

Today's outfit is a beautiful semi- sheer chiffon dress with intricate gold beading, the drama of this dress doesn't end with the sheer fabric and beading, it also has an elegant cut-out back, wowzer! :), this dress just screams sexy, chic and fun!

I get a bit of a 20's vibe with this dress, it embodies certain elements of  fabulous 20's fashion that I love, the sheer fabric, beaded details and the long straight silhouette, add a sparkly headband and a rounded toe Mary Jane and we might just be off to the Gatsby! 

To order this dress, Please visit the Shop.

I was recently featured on Fola's lovely blog, hehehe! celebrity tinz :), check it out here.

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. nice dress,love the cut at the back.

    1. Thanks hun! that back is THE factor for me too :)

  2. Beautiful dress.
    Love the vintage vibe.

  3. Amazing post! I love it:)


  4. Stunner! And the shoes well picked as usual it seems :)

    xoxo Gozika

  5. I luv ur wrie ups,u shud own a fashion mag,lol...Luvly outfit,n ur pretty sis rock it nicely.


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