August 12, 2011

Wedding Saturday - Obong and Dami

Blocked INC dress from Macy's. Shoes are Mojo Moxy. accessories are my LPM finds and sunnies are Ferragamo
I wore this outfit for my friends wedding on Saturday. Just before we set out I decided to take a couple of pictures while I was still looking fresh faced, you know with Nij (Nigerian) weddings its rocking galore so wanted the picture out of the way before the sweat and shine that comes with dancing.

love a good shoe with some detailing, these are are above 4inches but very comfy. got from bakers

It was a beautiful event all in all, we had  Psquare and Sunny Ade to entertain at the after party.

Psquare on stage. love their blazers

 They totally rocked the house, I love my niaja weddings!

My friend TuniO in the bright printed sheath dress looking glam as usual  with her cousin

The beautiful Couple Obong and Dami

With their huge cake

In Calabar attire

In Yoruba attire

With the couple


Was also a day I tried one of this seasons hottest trend, "Colour Blocking". I am not  one to follow trends hook line and sinker, because I believe in following trends one should always consider what works best for their figure as well as what they are most comfortable wearing.  Comfort would give confidence and your confidence would radiate through,  for me that is style.

Enough of the grammar already, bearing in mind that this was dangerous territory, For both outfits  I kept it to two bright blocks of color and a neural for my accessories, this is usually the safest route to take.
Earlier in the day I paired my Pink linen pants and orange tees  with neutrals of beige and browns.

Outfit: Primark Linen pants, Lacoste Tee, Ferragamo bag, slippers from Payless

I had a fun day, hope yours was equally good?  to colour block Yay Or Yuck? lol!



  1. Love the dress you wore to the wedding and the shoes are hot too. "Thinking the unexpected" (well put) is my favorite part in color blocking. It makes everything pop. As for our naija weddings.... yep i concur, they rock!!!!!!

  2. so true girl,the color blocking is one trend i'm totally loving this season.Its everywhere from the runway to major style players like janet jackson, and the beauty is that anyone can pull it off in their own way. That said i am digging your outfit.Those shoes.....gotta have 'em.

  3. You are soooooooooooooo prettyyyyy.. I love colour and i love all your outfits:)

    Oh i love the shoessssss you wore for the wedding...

  4. loving this color-blocking concept!

  5. Thanks guys for stopping by and commenting.

  6. Yep color blocking is it!!

  7. great party,great pictures.Thanks for letting us in.

  8. I love the fact that you even admitted to wearing something from Primark. Afterall, you know anybody abi? Some Nigerians can form say na Calvin Klein etc. You look great.

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