August 16, 2011

Food I Love - Designer stew

Hey guys hope you are all having a great week? I realize this blog is supposed to be about fashion, food and music but in as much as I love music I still haven’t found my mojo on the kind of content I would like to post. So while I am still trying to figure out the approach to take with respect to the music bit, I would just go with the flow and write on whatever captures my attention for now.

Being the eternal foodie that I am, I would constantly research and try out new recipes, on one such search I came across this recipe for Peppered stew “street style” popularly known as “Designer stew” in Lagos.

This stew is so worth trying, for me it’s a double 5* because you get that mama put special taste and aroma.  I have experimented with the recipe since I found it, I tried it without the green pepper trust me didn’t get that mama put twang. Tried it without bleaching and burning down the house *coughs* the onion sorry :), didn't work too. So based on my experiments so far this is the perfect combo to achieve the best results for now.

Designer Stew


8- 10  Large Green Peppers ( Jalapeno, but you can use green pepper used for salad if you are not too keen on the heat or a mix of both)

6 large red ball pepper (ata rodo) or  according to heat level needed
4 medium sized Tomato
2 Large Onions
Beef as required
Shaki as required
Pomo as required
½ cup Palm oil
1 Knorr cubes
Iru ( Locust beans)
Salt to taste


  • Cut beef, pomo and shaki  into cubed size, season with thyme, salt, knorr cubes ginger, onion and cook until tender
  • Make a seedy blended paste of your green pepper, red pepper, onion and tomato...the green pepper should be more because the stew is meant to be green.
  • Heat up palm oil, and brown the soft boiled meat for a while then remove from the heated oil
  •  Add some sliced onion and heat it until the onion gets burnt, and the palm oil turns brown( Take extra caution when doing this because palm oil is highly flammable)
  • Take the pot of oil off the cooker and allow to cool
  • Sieve the burnt onions out of the oil and put the pot of oil back on the cooker
  • Add freshly sliced onion, and blended mixture, cook for about 10mins and add iru
  • Allow to cook until dry, then add knorr cubes, salt to taste
  • Add stock of boiled assorted last and fry until cooked

Serve with boiled white rice and fried plantain. Yum!

Tried it?  let me know what you did differently and how it came out.

Bon Appetit!


  1. This is Ofada Sauce....the rice is definitely designers.....nice 1

  2. Thanx Zizi, you didn't add pictures of the ingredients. That helps me to ascertain the exact type of pepper you refer to


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