November 05, 2013

Lagos Fashion and Design Week Diary

Hello World!  Naija! how bodi? :),  writing this feels a bit out of character because I tend to be more straight-laced with the way I write. Its not as if i'm a very chatty/small talk person, on the contrary, I'm what some people would term 'serious minded', most times. I love to have a good laugh and generally goof around but often times I tend to be more serious minded.

This probably explains why sometimes I feel awkward posing for photos in full glare of my neighbors, seriously sometimes these whole photo thingy can feel so awkward, I'd have to put up my 'game face' to go through the whole session without quitting, lol.

You all know how most Niaja people can be nah! any profession outside Medicine, Engineering, Accountancy  etc is not a serious profession and fashion is way down on that list of "unserious" professions.
In all my 'seriousness', attitudes and all, I feel blessed to have found a passion and my place in this supposedly "unserious", but very creative, fun and vibrant industry. A multi million dollar industry with enormous potentials, we haven't even scratched the surface of the possibilities it can have for this country. 

All you have to do is take a look at the whole gamut of talents it takes to run fashion shows then you might begin to have an idea of how much of an economic catalyst this industry can be if properly harnessed. From the designers who capture the trends of the moment and use this platform to show and promote their collections, to the local and international buyers, the publicists, fashion editors,  stylists,  trend forecasters,  media, models etc; there are great opportunities for jobs creation, training and mentorship,  retailing, manufacturing, export and tourism.

With that said, its always 'game face on' every time  I Pose....*click*....Pose....*click*.....Pose....*click*  :).

What's the title of this post  again? Lagos Fashion and Design week right?.... yeah! fashion week. The Lagos fashion weeks serves as a good opportunity to globally promote Nigerian designers and fashion businesses, it also provides a platform to project our culture to the world because usually only indigenous brands participate.

So I attended this years Lagos fashion and Design week with my buddy from way back, Funmi, Stylist extraordinaire of StylePractice, check out her blog here. she owns a celebrity styling service and she is super creative and very professional at what she does. I have had the opportunity to work with her on a couple of shoots styling some big Nigerian movie stars and she is truly on top of her game. 

Here is a peek of  some of my  favourite looks from the shows I saw, enjoy!


Ejiro Amos Tafiri

Bridget Awosika



These graphic Tees are top on my wishlist at the moment, gorgeous!



Now, every year the show usually hosts a competition for young designers to showcase their collections for an  opportunity to win a sum of money and an internship with an international brand. This year, the prize was N4million ($25,000) and an internship with Edun. Remember I raved about the young designers award here? check out these creative beauties they unleashed  on the runway.


Mc Meka – WINNER of the Young Designer of the Year Award for 2013





And thats Funmi and I with our game face on :)

Ooh! and I met Velma of In Fashion Rehab,  and saw Third World Professional from a distance before I could say hi and #Pose she was gone! 

Sorry about poor photo quality

Enough rambling already, have  a fab week people !

Catch You Soon! 


  1. Lol @ game face! You can say that again, LFDW was as fun as it was it was great in your company too doll xx

  2. Looks like you had loads of fun at the fashion show :-)

  3. Actually find myself checking out your blog from time to time!! keep it up girl!! you only get better at this..................nice 1.........Iyior

  4. You looked really nice dear. Love your hair too. I really missed out, blame it on work and falling ill. Next year hopefully. My favorite this year was LDA, the brushstroke fabrics were just so lovely.

  5. so proud of my big sis, keep it up!!!

  6. just remember me in your kingdom

  7. Nigerian designers are ontop of their game!
    I'm sooo proud!
    Amazing designs!
    Great post.
    You look good btw.

  8. Amazing designs. Great review!

  9. i am a fashion designer/creator based in lagos, and i am looking for whom to work with. I have lots of designs and ready to create more for whom i will work with. Please if i make sense, contact me on 08095047643, or


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