November 01, 2013

Dressed 30 Ways 30 Days - Day 22

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Hello beautiful people! how are you doing today? In today’s post we have my lovely  sister Tess, rocking  two different looks. I can’t give my sisters enough  credit for helping through this 30days outfit post, it wouldn't  have been easy If I had to do the shoots, styling , photos and posts all by myself.  Siblings are truly a blessing from God, growing up in a full house was a lot of fun and now we are all grown up we still support and enjoy each other’s company.

At the moment,  I have two kids and have absolutely no intentions of having anymore, because  things are a lot different now from our parents generation where the average number of children per family was five.  The economy is less stable, it takes more commitment to raise kids. These days, there are simply too many factors to consider before having children.  I truly hope my sons would enjoy each other’s company and not mind being  just two lol! What are your thoughts on siblings, Do you enjoy having several siblings? Would you have a large family of your own? Please share you experiences with us in the comment box.

In todays post, Tess is wearing  a uber chic jumpsuit which I styled for a glam evening look. This jumpsuit is versatile like all our outfits, what’s the point in buying an item that you can only wear to few occasions? I once wore mine with a yellow blazer, green pumps and statement necklace to church and trust me it looked super cool.

I would also like to try this jumpsuit with  an open shawl-like cardigan, in colour white or yellow with a skinny belt over the cardigan paired with sky high heels which are really great for the tapered legs of this jumpsuit.

The second outfit is a cut-out-shoulder bodycon dress with dark contrasting side panel for that slimming effect we all love. I paired this dress with piked orange high heel pumps and simple  accessories. This is another versatile dress that you can layer on items to vamp it up or keep it simple like we do with our outfits so you can better appreciate their beauty.

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Entries are now closed for our Giveaway,  and we are pleased to announce the winner of the competition…..*drumroll*….*Cymbal clashing*  is…......


We love that she styled the dress in 3ways for 3 totally different occasions and all three looks were absolutely gorgeous.  You see what I always say about our dresses being so versatile they can take you from board room to the clubs depending on how you style them :).

To everyone who took part, we love all your entries, and they were absolutely gorgeous, but there has to be a winner in every competition. Look out for more giveaways on this blog, a whole lot of giveaways coming your way!

Alright lovies, I beg to leave you at this point, have a wonderful…wonderful weekend! 

Catch Ya Later!


  1. Lovely post, the jumpsuit is sensational. I am glad your sisters were able to help you out.

  2. I love the jumpsuit. Been looking for something similar.

  3. Ur sister stunned and killed this look

  4. Nice nice
    How did I miss this series?

    1. wondering too :), thanks for stopping by.

  5. OMG, loooove both outfits! Tess pulled them off well. She deserves a nice Xmas gift from you lol. Seriously, look good especially that bodycon dress. It's definitely next on my wardrobe list. Nice one sis :)

    1. Yea! she deserves an Xmas gift and more )

  6. Gorgeous jumpsuit!

    I don't think I would be satisfied wif just two kids. I want as many as possible! Loll!
    I know the economy is bad but I believe that God will surely make a way. :D

  7. You look absolutely gorgeous.


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