September 02, 2013

Redy Or Not

What I am wearing - Top - Coast || Pant - Ted Baker ||Shoes - Pour la Victoire (old) || Purse  - Aldo (Purse available @ Dressed || Ring - available @ Dressed || Earrings - Nordstrom (Old) 

Hello all! hope you all had a great weekend? My days have been pretty hectic lately and understandably so because I'm working long hours to get our new stock ready. I'm so excited about the new order coming in, a lot of trending fabulous items that you have been seeing in magazines and on your favourite bloggers are coming in, really really excited about that!

I am so sorry for the lack of posts so far and apologies in advance  for the posts might be a little slower than usual for the next 2weeks, BUT I plan to make it up big time, trust me you would be thoroughly pleased when you begin to see my make up plans, it will be well worth the wait :).

I have been wearing a lot of red lately and more to come in future posts :), I wore this outfit for a friends party, I didn't want a dress for a change and I was glad I chose to wear a pant at the end of the day because it was easier to dance in. Have you noticed how the colour red in all its glorious shades have been trending lately? remember I mentioned it here, it's really nice to be able to tell what would be trendy before the season that way you are able to know what to incorporate into your new season wardrobe.  How are you guys feeling about the start of fashion week?I'm looking forward to seeing what spring/summer 2014 would look like. Happy Labour Day to my US audience!

Have a Fab week ahead!




  1. Nice colour combo! Loving the red and gold

  2. N.I.C.E. Looking good as always babes

  3. your shoes and earrings.

    Please holla when you have new items.

    Stay pretty!


  4. abeg just package your shoes and send them to me via FedEx asap! lol, you always on point my sister. keep on being awesome and beautiful!

  5. Loving your hair and really love the shoes and earrings and how they match.

  6. your clutch is so nice and lovely blog x.

  7. Lovely shoes... And i love how you styled your hair... I'll come for lessons soon.

  8. Red is the color!
    N my new found love!
    Gorgeous shoes!
    You look great.


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