July 31, 2013

Top Fashion Trends To Shop Now

As the fashion world begins to prepare for the start of the new season, You may be wondering what trends to shop to keep your wardrobe updated, especially after our recent decluttering,  right?

If you are wondering what’s trending right now?  or what is considered cool now? then you in luck. Since most trends are a reflection of what we see on the runways, they would serve as our guide as to what to shop this season.

Here’s your essential guide for the upcoming season.

Highly Ornate Pieces
Expect an influx  of highly ornamental luxe details, remember how this trend was all over falls runway à la the highly ornate pieces from  McQueen and the ornamental tiaras from  D&G. This season, its all about the big details, expect luxury embroidery on pretty dresses, sophisticated accessories with stand out detailing that easily transform outfits from “just there” to “fab”. Look out for flashy belts in gold finishes,  chain details as accent for bags and shoes, stacked necklaces and bracelet for that statement look, highly ornate chokers,  elegant pumps with gold capped toe.

Suit Up
The suits comes in all forms and styles, sporty, three piece, cropped pant suits, 40s inspired, 70s inspired, dressy skirt suit, and the best part is you can wear them as separates and pair with other pieces which can make for endless possibilities. The silhouette to watch out for is uber feminine yet structured.

Classic Patterns
In the coming season, the trend will be gradually moving away from over the top prints to classic basic patterns like Pin stripes, Prince of Wales checks, plaids, Animal prints , and hounds tooth. There is a myriad of styles to choose from, whatever you do just ditch complicated patterns in favour of classic simple patterns.

Statement Coats

The coming season will see a lot of attention grabbing coats that are very attractive, this nicely ties in with the  whole detail oriented season we are looking forward to. Look out for bright coloured coats, colour blocked coats, printed coats anything but the norm is acceptable here.

Colour wheel
In terms of colour, expect Pinks, Oxblood , Blues and  Greens which is no surprise, remember green was named the official colour of 2013. Choose from emerald , army green and even jewel tones like amethyst and sapphire there is a shade for every skin tone and personal style. Look for creative ways to incorporate these colours in various shades into your wardrobe.

The new colour blocked white and black, and grey which is looking like the new black for the season, would also be quite popular. I like when neutral colours are are used for an outfit,  with neutrals,  the focus is on the cut, quality and shape of the outfit  rather than the colour, you can  add a colourful statement acessories here if you are not one for bland colours.

Winter whites 
Wearing head to toe white is a no brainer, classic and so on trend yet without looking like its a trend, get what I mean? J, you can make a big impression with this trend without looking like a trend follower. Nothing quite says “chic” like the colour white in my opinion. Try mixing variations of the shade such as ivory which is quite popular now. 

Block Away
This season see’s the use of blocks of colours styled graphically. The new colour block is toned down to mostly  bi- colour blocking which is a paired downed version and a lot more chic.

Ankle Strap sandals and Thigh high boots
Depending on wear you live in the world, either of these two is a must have,  thigh high boots  are in and super chic for colder regions and for my warm weather friends  ankle strap sandals are the rage,  and would go with everything in your wardrobe.

Military Inspired
Military inspired outfit are also in, this look can be styled to look edgy, sporty or accents of soft fabrics like lace added to give it an elegant feminine luxe vibe.

Slouchy  Pants
The seasons must have pants are looser and a lot more relaxed.  The new cut is slightly narrow at the ankle and sits higher on the waist, pair yours with a fitted top or jacket and a pair of heels and you be a picture of chic perfection.

Leather infused pieces are still making a showing, leather can be edgy, sporty or feminine depending on how you style it. Try on coloured leather pieces, avoid an all leather outfit unless you are going for an edgy biker chick look.

Hope this gives an idea of what to look out for?

Have a fab week!


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  1. I adore classic prints and I need a short white a-line dress in my life. Great post dear.

    1. Thanks for stopping by hun. And for you short white dress watch this space, our new season stock is coming in soon. :)

  2. blessings...
    I don't necessarily do trends except my own though i would admit to loving a few of those outfits. If i were to buy into any of those shown i'd wear the red dress with the beading, the pinstripe suit and the grey big suit with the gold belt. the only accessory i like is the little red purse, for me less is more and i don't wear custom jewelry.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, I totally agree with you on the red dress its absolutely lovely.

  3. ankle strap sandals, my personal favorite. Flatters my feet and elongates my legs. Lol. Nice post girl.


    1. Babes been dreaming of ankle straps sandals for a while, i'm so looking forward to our new stock coming soon, loads of styles to choose from.

  4. I like your post. Want to follow each other? Let me know.


    1. Thanks for stopping by dear, will check out your blog and yes to follow each other :)

  5. Hey there,
    Thanks so much for your comment on my Floral Fantasy post, and for following. I’m now following you back!
    Much love, Sarah x


  6. Love all of the jewelry details. And of course the suits. Thanks for sharing all of this fabulous fashion inspiration!



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