August 09, 2013

White Out

What I'm wearingDress - Adrienne Vittadini (Available @ Dressed)  || Accessories - Macy's (Available @ Dressed || Shoes - Calvin Klein  (old)

Sometimes the simplistic approach works out just fine, for a change I wanted a minimalist approach to my look. An ‘all whiter’ is not a very common sight in my environment especially among ladies, I think this is primarily because we are  a huge colour loving nation, however once in a while it's ok to switch things up a bit. Hopefully with it's popularity this season, we may just be seeing more whites.

Hope you are all having a fab week?



  1. I like! the dress looks very cool on you.

  2. ABSOLUTELY stunning! I feel like darker toned women can never ever go wrong with white. And love the simple updo. What is the link to the dress? Might have to snatch one up ;)

    1. Thanks hun. I got it at Dillards some time back, its sold out now.

  3. Girl, I know they're old but let me get those shoes! I do like all white ensembles.

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

  4. love the dress, cute

  5. You look amazing!
    Gorgeous dress!


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