August 19, 2011

To Fake or Not?

Lately I was wondering why we all want to buy clothes and bags that are covered in the same labels. Why do most people prefer luxury goods where the brands insignia is very obvious and glaring in some cases? Everyone does it whether they do it on purpose or not.

Sometimes there are actually more reserved versions of a product from the designer but often times you find that we want a t-shirt that screams the Ralph Lauren from a mile or the bag that roars the Gucci from ten thousand miles.

I remember first becoming aware of this trend from secondary school, you were not cool if your designer labels could not be seen, your Ralph Lauren and Chaps shirts had to have obvious insignia. 

At uni, it was the Tommy Hilfigers, Dkny and Versace made popular by P Diddy and Biggy, your brands had to be out there for everyone to see.

Aliyah wearing Tommy in the 90's

For the most part I think we all went through these stages in our lives.  While in the university, I wanted certain labels just as much as everyone else for probably the same reason. The polo insignia, yes! An embarrassing reason but that was it for most people back then.

Dkny ad campaign in the 90's

Now years after, I am, older and wiser and I find myself with the same kind of inclination, but this time to higher end brands, but for very different reasons, this time for the quality of the product and the longevity I get with these items. 

Though I am not a designer junky, I'm still drawn to certain labels, and I see this love for labels replicated around me, the problem is the price tag for these luxury brands are way above what most people can afford as a result there is a flood of fakes amongst the few genuine.

It’s no surprise that the faux fashion industry is booming……some of these fakes are so well duplicated it would take a trained eye to tell the difference, unless of course you are standing next to someone with the real deal,...... *shame face*

This got me thinking…….. Why the rage for luxury Labels?  Are we doing it to get a nod of approval from our contemporaries or for a certain fulfillment we get from wearing these labels? Is buying fake goods really worth the reduced price tag? 

Lets have your view in the comment box.



  1. Definitely NOT Ms dressed. As a matter of principle i would never buy fake, its annoying to think that these designers spend time, money and creativity to come out with products and someone in a little town in China just produces the counterfeit. people should learn to live within their income i am tired of this whole consumerism nature.

  2. @ Anon. i also share your sentiments, i believe designers should be credited and respected for their creativity by not encouraging the growth of the knock off industry.


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