August 22, 2011

The halfway scarf

Outfit: Scarf Anne Klein. Dress M&S. shoes Dune. Ring and Earrings available @ dressed

I attend a conservative church, the type where if you entered with your hair uncovered the women would look at you like you were the worse sinner. Last Sunday I didn't know what to do with my scarf so I decided to do this little 'Alice band like number', that way at least from the front it looked like I was wearing a scarf and behind......pow!!! No scarf  but I'm not there to hear the remarks!

Outfit: Scarf Anne Klein.Top dillards . Denim Rock and Republic. Shoes Jessica Simpson. Purse Newlook. Earrings available @ dressed

Was loving my halfway scarf so much decided to carry on the theme for my friends hubby's 40th birthday later in the day.

what creative things do you do with your scarves?


  1. Love your halfway scarf, very chic outfit too. those shoes are fab!

  2. Loving the half way scarf! Not aure if it'll work for me but it's worth a shot!

  3. love the scarf!!! super cute look

  4. Thanks anon. Sistasista and Tinu for stopping by. @ Sistasista i think the scarf would probably work for most people you probably might to add a variation to suit the shape of your face. just play with it and have fun doing so you will definitely find what works for you.


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