July 09, 2011

When we meet again

I have decided to start a blog/journal, at this point I'm not sure what the strategy for delivery would be, however I'm sure of what I'll be writing  about. I know I would enjoy writing  about my holy trinity i.e fashion, food and music, I will probably just journal about them as my thoughts collect and I get inspired.

This is awkward, I'm not sure what to write about, oh well! I would just ramble about the reunion I attended recently.

A few days ago, I attended  the first reunion since leaving school with my friends from secondary school,  its been 14yrs since most of us have seen ourselves and I was quite excited. We arranged to meet at the trendy Protea hotel restaurant, the food, music and ambiance was great. The turn out was less than we hoped for but that was expected since notice about the event was kind of short and a couple of people were either out of the country or out of  the state.

We had a great time, though it took a little warming up to get the gist flowing, once it started there was no hold barred :) . It was nice to see everyone doing well and to catch-up with whats happening with everyone.

What is it about reunions that makes everyone want to put their best foot forward? :)

Sorry about poor picture quality,   I beg to stop now for lack of what to say :).

First post done!  *covers face in shame*


  1. I see you lol!
    I have never attended any reunion and I think I have never really been hooha about it, maybe I see reunions as digging up what should be left buried and forgotten...well that's just me.

    I am gonna keep my eyes on your blog by the way...carry go joor:)

  2. @ Gidan Nodza, lol! had missed feelings considering that i hated my school but it went well and i had a nice time + it turned out i was the only one that hated the school and didn't think it was fun :)


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