June 28, 2014

Get Sporty

As much as I love fashion and love to dress up,  comfort is very important to me. I'm not one of those people that 'suffer for fashion', sorry not me, I like to be comfortable in my clothes.  When sports inspired looks started trending, I knew this was going to be my thing!  What's not to love about a trend that can be casual, relaxed and super chic all at once? Though this trend is supposed to be casual and comfortable, it has the flexibility of being interpreted in a multitude of ways, which could go from just casual to effforlessly chic.

For 2014, sports inspired looks are still hinged on the fundamentals of having sleek simple clean lines, and mainly featuring minimalistic colours, however, there's a move towards more luxurious and elegant stylying.

Here are 3 ways to make this trend rock, without looking like a slob in track pants.

a.   Choose pieces with luxe/decent quality  fabrics and good tailoring to balance out the relaxed silhouette that sporty clothing are traditional known for, this would help make your look more elegant.

b.  Embrace elegant heels, especially sandals instead of trainers, becauses track pants/ sporty trousers can tend to  be overly relaxed - as such might be dwarfing, unless of course you are vertically blessed, in which case you can try on some modern fancy sneakers for an updated take on the trend.

c.  Accessories always add more panache to any outfit, and this also goes for sporty looks, whether you choose a baseball hat, statement jewelry or simple minimalist pieces, whatever you do just accessorize.

What I'm wearing -  Top - Calvin Klein  ( Get it  here) || Pants  - Willi Smith ( Get it  here )|| Sandals -  Charles David ||  Necklace - J. Crew || Purse  - DKNY -  ( Coming  here soon )

Hope you all are doing great? 

Catch you here soon



  1. You look so good dear (so fit), this outfit suits you so well, xx


    1. She DOES look fit, innit?!


  2. Long time no see, Ngozi!! This is really great look and indeed, comfort is critical! Lol, although I will make a few concessions for shoes :)


    1. My dear I know *covering face in shame*, working hard to keep up with my blogging duties. On the contrary my shoes absolutely have to be comfortable o, though I do well with high heels so not much of a challenge there. thanks for stopping by hun.

  3. You looks so beautiful AND the outfit rocks you make sporty look so classy x

  4. Its chic and trendy. You look good.

  5. Oh how I love this look on you Ngozi!! Sporty chic is definitely your thing!!

  6. You nailed the look babe. Love love the sporty look on you. Love the softness the sandals and neck piece give the whole outfit.


  7. wow..Love love this look..Sporty Chic..


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