November 19, 2013

Africa's Next Top Model Launch Party

Hello Beautiful people! hope the week is starting on a positive note for you all. I was at the launch party for 'Africa Next Top Model' a few weeks back. The  show is a franchise of Tyra Banks hugely successful America's Next top Model and hosted by Oluchi Orlandi Nigeria's own super model. 

I am a big fan of America's next top model and would watch several reruns back to back and not be bored. Some of my favourite elements of the show are the transformation the girls go through, the tasks, which are usually very interesting, the fashion of course is life giving, the shoots are usually quite inspiring, the Go-sees, the international destinations and of course! the bitching and gossip hahaha! that is infact the best part lol. The whole concept of the show is simply fresh, entertaining and my kind of thing and I must commend Oluchi for bringing the franchise to Africa.

I believe the show debuted last week on Dstv (Africa's main digital satellite service, i'm not sure where it can be viewed outside Africa, if you have an idea please share with us). Did you see the premiere episode? I saw a part of the show during the event, and I think it would really be a great show, i'm looking forward to it!

These are some of the fashion I was loving that evening.

Oluchi Orlandi

That was my look for the day, ain't these ladies gorgeous?


Enjoy the rest of your week.


  1. Everyone looks stunning! Sounds fun

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  2. Hmm I do enjoy watching ANTM, would love to see the African version.!I will try searching for it on sky over here. I love your outfit, very relaxed :)

    1. You should, I think it would be a good show.Thank you!

  3. You went for parry and didn't invite us?

    1. Thank you Berry please ask her....hahaha

      I love ANTM, would definitely watch this one.

      You looked super lovely dearie.

    2. My bad...sorry ladies, will let you in next time :)

  4. You look fab. I used to watch ANTM and loved it.

  5. Everyone looks great from head to toe. I love it!

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