January 04, 2012

Happy New year!!!

'Happy subsidy' as my friend Nena would say, this was the news we woke up to on the first day of the year, at this point I choose not to go political even though I am greatly saddened by the situation in my beloved country.

I would like to start this blog this year on a very thankful note

I'd like to do a proper post but lately I have been too fatigued to blog or do anything as a result of one of my numerous blessings from 2011.

As a result I would take the lazy route and list my sentences....

1.  2011 was filled with so many blessing I am not sure where to begin, I am very thankful for my new home, now I know it was the reason why God allowed the fire that wiped out my old house in 2010.

2. I am thankful for Marvins new Job, it took a while but it came and it came big!

3. I am thankful to God for blessing me with the wisdom, resources and a loving network of family and friends to support the launch of my new business.

There was so much to thank God for in 2011, what are you thankful for? 

 I hope we all get our heart desires in 2012 and even more to be thankful for  Amen!

Moving on swiftly in my very unorganized post, I had a fireworks night on 31st of Dec to usher in the new year, these are a few pix from the event.

Tess and Oluchi


Moyeni and Oluchi


Tubosun and Ola

Ify and Joyce 2

Don and Ify

Sorry for the poor quality photos.

As we enter the year I pray for more reasons to celebrate and be thankful in 2012 and for peace and progress in Nigeria.

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