July 14, 2011

Colours Popping!

2011 saw a huge trend in bright, bold and daring colours, colors brighten our lives and inspire us. Some combination were quite interesting, however colours can be hip and bang on trend, so who cares as long as you love it and you rock it confidently, its fashionable!.

What colors have you seen popping down the streets? below are a few from the runway and celebs. these vibrant colors give instant drama and require little makeup and accessories.

hope these inspire.

Love the colour blocking in most of the photos, for those of you who love to colour block...me!...me!, indulge.

Love this dress

pix credit essence.com, style.com.vogue.com and NET.com 

Even the 1st lady says Amen! to colour in this horizontal stripped jersey dress.


  1. Hey dear loving your blog already..... xoxo

  2. love colours, and these definitely pop!!!


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